Churn prevention

Set scores to score individual accounts on the likelihood to churn. Use Playbooks to drive automated workflows so scaled CSMs can identify which accounts need extra attention and send alerts when those accounts hit meaningful churn thresholds.

Customer Success
Growth OS level:

Leverage playbooks to delight and upsell

Automatically route your users (PQLs) to the playbook most likely to provide a meaningful, relevant engagement. Nurture accounts that show high risk of stop using your product.

Surface high-priority accounts with Inbox

Get alerted of new risks that hit your Sales Inbox, Slack or email so you never miss a key user or account that might churn.

How it works

  • Install Intempt web tracker to start tracking events in your app
  • Connect Hubspot to sync your historic CRM data
  • Create segments to group and filter your user base
  • Create user & account lists you want to prioritize
  • Create a churn score based on your usage model
  • Create playbooks to trigger alert messages depending on your churn score threshold
  • View triggered playbooks in an inbox prioritized by a churn score
  • Create a task in Hubspot to engage with churning users

Features used

  • Playbooks
  • Inbox
  • Segments
  • Events
  • Lists
  • Reports
  • Growth boards
  • Scoring

Metrics that move

  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer churn rate
  • Net promoter score
  • Customer satisfaction score
  • Customer retention cost
  • Customer health score
  • Net dollar retention (NDR)


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