Data-driven way to

grow LTV, profitably

Growth OS for aligned SaaS & Retail GTM teams that use AI to optimize their customer lifecycle with all-in-one CDP, Analytics, Journeys & Experiments platform

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Adapt or dissolve.
Embrace the revolution
in sales & marketing

Industries are facing a tectonic shift.
After decades of focusing on acquisition marketing and sales-led motions, the market is changing. 

The best-run companies know.
It’s time to shift... 

From one-time buyers to lifetime customers

Because growth at any cost is over. Net Dollar Retention and CAC payback tops the old metrics.

From just the top of the funnel to the whole customer journey

Because relationship with customers never ends - it continues across each step of their lifecycle.

From solo sales reps & marketers to cross-functional GTM teams

Because next phase of the market is all about an intelligent blend of GTMs.

From manual decision-making to AI automation workflows

Because only with AI you can surpass your competitors with better decision making and higher ROI.

It’s time for Customer Lifecycle Optimization

Integrate your GTM teams

Align your sales & marketing teams within the single platform for more streamlined processes. Ensure smooth handoffs and coordination between the GTMs for inbound and outbound activities - stop chasing the same customers in different pipelines.

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Ditch data silos with an all-in-one Growth OS

No more data silos juggling across multiple tools to get your job done. Get more efficient in Growth operations by unifying, activating, and analyzing customer data within a single platform - with CDP, Journeys, Insights, Audiences, and Experiments.

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Leverage AI for growth

Stop relying on backward-looking, manual data activation efforts to reach your KPIs. Powerful AI capabilities are no longer reserved to those that have Data Scientist teams. Create, train, fine-tune, and activate models in under 5 minutes to predict any customer action.

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Unlock your customer data with a suite of products  

Everything you need to grow your LTV - real-time behavioral insights, a powerful segmentation engine, ML predictions and a suite of engagement tools.

Drive Acquisition, Monetization & Retention

Intempt optimizes growth operations across all GTM teams
for SaaS & Retail use cases.

360° Customer Analytics

Inderstand the full customer journey with complete and accurate data. Adjust data collection to comply with privacy regulations and act on data with customizable reports, dashboards, and integrations.

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Omnichannel Engagement

Design and deliver omnichannel experiences based on your customers’ behaviour, preferences and lifecycle stage.

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Web Personalization

Take the grunt work out of personalization. Segment & score customers to create individually tailored experiences that move the throughout the lifecycle.

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Lead & Account Prioritization

Prioritize leads ready for sales outreach and give your sellers the proper insight to run top converting playbooks.

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Sales Playbook Automation

Don’t let prospects fall through the cracks. Alert your team in real-time to important account milestones and key behavior changes.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimize conversions by modifying any website element or testing different personalization strategies - focus on getting the most out of your qualified traffic.

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Predictive Lead Scoring

Close more deals using predictive lead scoring to automatically prioritize leads based on thousands of data points.

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Explore what powers the Growth OS

Customer Data Platform
Coming soon

Integrate data from anywhere and everywhere. Instantly

Unlock and integrate your data to generate rich insights that drive engagement. Unify customer identity across channels to optimize lifecycle.

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Segment audience with precision

Personalize customer experiences with deep segmentation. Focus on your target audience and deliver individualized experiences that drive higher ROI.

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Engagement automation throughout the lifecycle

Create multiple cross-channel flows for each stage of the customer lifecycle. String them together for a fully automated engagement workflow across the entire lifecycle.

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Insights to track experiences, not pageviews

Democratize data across your organization through visual, easy to use dashboards, reports, and ad-hoc analysis. Empower all teams with access to data that’s easy to understand—and put to work.

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Optimize engagement with ML predictions

Predict customer behavior and take action to acquire, engage and retain more customers with deeper insights

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Test and experiment at a scale

Optimize conversions by modifying any website element or testing different personalization strategies directly within Intempt

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Discover templates to activate your data

Browse our ready-to-use templates tailored to every step of the customer journey. Using data-driven best practices, it’s never been easier to start building.

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HeadinCapture leads from a form and send a follow-up email + Slack notificationg

Follow up news leads after they submit a form on your website

Nudge customers to purchase again

Follow up with customers that have recently bought, and prompt them to purchase again.

Reach out to qualified leads who visit your pricing page

When a prospect visits your pricing page more than once, automatically send them a sales outreach.

Reactivation Loops

Measure your user activity and get them into an engagement loop with your product. identify and target only specific customer groups that will turn out to be most profitable for your business.

Trigger alerts for churning customers

Alert your sales team when a lead triggers a churn signal. Reduce the response time needed to reach out to leads who are qualified to be engaged.

Automate gated content engagement

Capture a gated content form, send new leads the content to download, and assign the leads

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