How you discover audiences 🔮,  engage customers 💌, and optimize experiences 📊matters.

Intempt is an all-in-one GrowthOS that combines real-time customer data with marketing and sales  automation tools to maximize engagement for modern GTM teams.

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Multiverse of apps leads to data silos

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Which leads to a stack of problems in your marketing

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360° user view with GrowthOS

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Leads to timely marketing with less hassle & better ROI

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Drive growth with use cases for your industry

One platform, multiple use cases. Intempt optimizes growth operations across marketing and sales teams for SaaS companies, Mobile Apps and eCommerce shops.

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Find and prioritize demand within your pipeline. Deliver sales reps and teams actionable account and contact behavior across the customer lifecycle with AI.

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Your end-to-end solution for every stage of the app marketing journey. Measure, optimize, and scale app stickiness and growth across the customer’s  lifecycle.

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Uncover insights into user behavior, identify friction in their journey and craft hyper-personalized omnichannel campaigns that can turn window-shoppers into your long-term customers.

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Explore what powers the GrowthOS™

Data sources and flows
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Target and grow your ideal customer base

Improve acquisition, retention, and time-to-monetization with real-time customer data and data intelligence toolset.

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Messaging automation throughout the lifecycle

Create multiple cross-channel flows for each stage of the customer lifecycle. String them together for a fully automated messaging workflow across the entire lifecycle.

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Drive personalized cross-channel experiences

Optimize conversions by modifying any website element for different personalization strategies. Display targeted web experience for different users based on their behavior and affinities.

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Test and experiment at a scale

Optimize conversions by modifying any website element or testing different personalization strategies directly within the Intempt page editor

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Insights to track experiences, not pageviews

Democratize data across your organization through visual, easy to use dashboards, reports, and ad-hoc analysis. Empower all teams with access to data that’s easy to understand—and put to work.

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Analysis with actions

Turbocharge growth with AI predictions

Predict customer behavior and take action to acquire, retain and monetize more customers with more insightful marketing

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Discover use cases to activate your data

Ready-to-use templates tailored to every step of the customer journey. Using data-driven best practices, it’s never been easier to start growing.

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