Account pipeline nurture

Configure lead outreach across all channels from a single platform. Leverage sales & marketing automation to accelerate monetization and expansion motions.

Account executives, Customer Success
Growth OS level:

Maximize rep productivity and build more pipeline

Simplify and automate prospecting workflows to generate high-quality pipeline that converts. Create templates, and account-based workflows to get responses and help reps engage with prospects throughout their buying journey.

Deliver personalized, high-touch experiences at scale

Send every prospect personalized messages at exactly the right time. Build pipeline in a more consistent, effective, and efficient way — so reps can move opportunities forward without sacrificing the buying experience.

How it works

  • Install Intempt web tracker to start tracking events in your app and website
  • Connect Hubspot to sync your historicalal CRM data
  • Create segments to group and filter your user base
  • Create user & account lists you want to prioritize
  • Create predictive or rule-based scores to filter accounts based on their fit & engagement
  • Create journeys to trigger communication workflows to accelerate monetization
  • Create reports to track your sales performance
  • Create growth boards with all user & account lists you want to monitor. Integrate all sales metrics you want to track

Features used

  • Journeys
  • Segments
  • Events
  • Lists
  • Reports
  • Growth boards
  • Scoring
  • Predictive scoring

Metrics that move

  • PQL to EQL Conversion Rate
  • Average revenue per account (ARPA)
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Net dollar retention (NDR)


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