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Are you a good fit?

The  Intempt Agency Partner Program is designed for CRO agencies,  that want to learn, grow their business, and use the next generation of GrowthOS

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You're a CRO agency

That focuses on optimizing and increasing  your customers conversion rates

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Your clients are in target industries

Intempt is most suited (but not limited to) for eCommerce, SaaS and Mobile apps business

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You have dedicated IT resources

You have IT staff that can implement Intempt for your customers

Are you a startup incubator or accelerator? Our Affiliate Program is for you!
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How to Get Started

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Join the Program

Once you apply to the program, we'll review your application and contact you within 2-3 business days.

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Use Intempt for your customers

Use GrowthOS for your client's marketing and sales operations. Organize multiple organizations from a singe account view.

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Get paid and grow

Earn revenue share for every qualifying customer you submit for a lifetime - as long as the customer remains active Intempt subscriber. As your performance increases, we’ll bump you up to the next multiplier level for more rewards!

Why join the Agency Partner program?

We offer all our partners a revenue sharing model along with dedicated platform training and resources

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20% revenue share

Add weight to your top-line with our revenue sharing program. Receive a commission on the recurring revenue derived from new customers you bring to Intempt.

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Tiered payouts

 Your revenue share can multiply depending on how much Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) you earn  within a  year.

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Expand your product portfolio

Gain a strong edge over competitors. Expand your portfolio by integrating our platform with your existing product and services.

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Partner dashboard

With the Partner Dashboard, you’ll be able to submit leads, track your commission, and access other resources.

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Dedicated partner support

All partner relationships are nurtured with dedicated support including; platform training and implementation expertise to help you succeed.

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Join a  community of like-minded peers

Our community will help you grow and fill in the gaps in your skillset and offerings.

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Web A/B testing

Use front-end A/B and multi-page experimentation product built for any business size. Run multiple experiments on the same page.

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Targeting & personalization

Deliver targeted messaging, personalized offers and recommend the most relevant content for your users.

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Visual editor

Empower your team to collaborate with an easy-to-use visual editor without using developer time to get things up and running.

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Gain insight into the impact of your experiments with statistically valid results. No complex statistical analysis required.

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Server & client-side testing

Go beyond client-side testing and deploy experiments on the server-side. Test and optimize content changes and even complete re-brands.

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Flexible goal selection

Select the right goal for each personalization and experimentation campaign to ensure you’re optimizing towards the right objectives.

Frequently asked questions. Answered.

How can I join the Agency partner program?

Just provide a few details at sign up and you’ll receive a confirmation email that your partnership is pending. We then review your submission and if it’s the right fit, you’ll receive another email with onboarding details.

How do payouts work?

We will pay the Revenue Share amount due to you within forty-five (45) days after the end of each fiscal quarter in an amount equal to the Net Revenue we recognize as revenue from Qualified Transactions during such quarter, multiplied by the Revenue Share percentage and multiplier (if applicable).

What is the commission rate?

We standard commission is 20%, which we can increase depending on the yearly ARR, see the explanation on the partnerships tiers below.

How long can I expect to receive the payouts?

We provide lifetime Revenue Share Term for agency partners from the time of the qualified transaction close - as long as the end user remains Intempt customer.

Do you have partnership tiers?

Yes, your payouts can multiply depending on how much Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) was closed by the partner within the previous fiscal year.
- US$0-$10,000 ARR - 1.x multiplier
- US$10,000-$100,000 ARR -1.5x multiplier
- US$100,000+ - 2x multiplier

What if user changes plans?

If users upgrade or downgrade from one paid plan to another paid plan, we will adjust your commission for the remainder of the year according to the new plan cost .

What if user changes plans?

If users upgrade or downgrade from one paid plan to another paid plan, we will adjust your commission for the remainder of the year according to the new plan cost .

What’s expected from me as a Partner?

We are looking for agencies who want to grow their business. If you are committed to growing with Intempt, we are excited to help you do just that!

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Join the Partner Program

Interested in using Intempt to onboard and deliver powerful solutions to your clients?

Become our partner to learn cutting-edge strategies for acquiring, retaining, and monetizing accounts (for SaaS companies) and users (for eCommerce & SaaS companies), implementing Intempt on behalf of eCommerce, SaaS, and Apps companies.

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Intempt 3 partners