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👌 The less software the better.

SO - we’re openly sharing everything you need to evaluate whether Intempt is right for you on your own terms. 

The website has the complete value proposition and the product is shown to you - including pricing for what you use and how much you use.

You can draw a line to the incremental revenue. You do not need to speak to a salesperson unless you choose to.

We’re always here if you need us—and we’ll never follow up with you unless you ask us to:

  • We have done a 3-min explainer video on our revenue generating marketing platform, GrowthOS.
  • If you're thinking about whether we're a right fit for your business, we have a 7-min live demo to help you decide!

We believe that “business as usual” isn’t good enough—we’re out to make growing a business fundamentally better.  

5 Step GrowthOS Playbook

'Growth at all costs’ was never sustainable and now (more than ever), its game over. The era of splurging on ads and lead-capturing gimmicks, only to have an army of SDRs and AEs chase down leads with mindless automation is over.

Throwing users over the wall into a lackluster experience, while hoping new sign-ups will cover for the churn—this model is done for.

So what’s the new playbook?

With many business leaders at a crossroads, the new direction is clear—precision and efficiency to manage the customer's lifecycle.

1. Discover 🎯

Identify, build and analyze audiences. Unify customer data across all digital and offline touchpoints and use it to identify your target leads & accounts.

✅ How to → Audience Intelligence Platform and Insights

2. Personalize ✨

Personalize every interaction to deliver an optimal customer experience at scale across web, mobile and email.

✅ How to → Experiences

3. Engage 💬

Set timely, automated triggering events based on real-time behavior to send timely emails and SMS when customers are most likely to engage, like in the event of lifecycle stage change, a lack of activity shown in the past week, and more.

✅ How to → Journeys

4. Predict 🔮

Predict user-intent in real time with machine learning. Understand your customers better than ever before with a neural network algorithm that identifies future-purchase intent.

✅ How to → Predict

5. Optimize 🛠️

Experiment anywhere on your digital properties with great agility, more confidence and less risk

✅ How to → Experiments

That's not all... Your next step is...

How do you evolve to a flywheel?

There are multiple components required to have a successful flywheel strategy.

The lynchpin is Audience Intelligence. We'll talk about this in a minute.

When your business begins to scale, it’s the norm that you buy a handful of software tools to help you automate marketing and sales processes. A CRM/CDP for prospect and customer data. An Analytics system to measure your customer behavior. Messaging software to communicate via email or SMS. An A/B testing tool to optimize the Web or Mobile experience. In today's market, you’re adding AI/ML software to your stack since the competitor next door is out to predict/anticipate your customers needs.

Every SaaS or Retail business requires the same core Marketing and Sales tools—it's table stakes functionality. Using these, you're able to market at a point in time quite proficiently; however if you're a lifecycle marketer you know that the job is to infer the lifecycle stage of the customer and move the relationship further along. When each tool in your stack uses a silo'd (and less than sophisticated) Segmentation system - you're operating the funnel, and not turning the flywheel, so to speak.

The Audience Intelligence Intempt GrowthOS is built on has sophisticated micro-segmentation, scoring and AI algos that when used in use cases across GrowthOS make complete sense.

Refreshingly so.

We sell GTM efficiency

A hard truth—the marketing and sales software you choose to use is going to have monumental impact on your companies’ ability to coordinate marketing and sales operations. Why? Because there’s one factor that does have an outsized impact on your chances of growing fast and profitably—the quality of your  flywheel - in other words how do you take customer data and re-invest it back into generating customer revenue to help you Acquire, Retain and Monetize efficiently.

  • How efficiently are you acquiring customers? What is your CAC payback? 
  • How well are you engaging and retaining existing customers?
  •  How often do you monetize them? What is their LTV by cohort?

Every aspect of Intempt is designed so that you can spend as much time as possible focused on what really matters—building a growth engine based on a foundation of Customer Experience. Intempt gives you back time to focus on what matters.

From an enterprise grade CDP to Analytics to Messaging to Experiments, there’s so many workflows that Intempt gives you out-of-the-box in minutes. We routinely hear:

“You gave me in 30 minutes what I spent three months integrating at my last company. And the data discrepancies are so fundamental between tools, it was hopeless to fix"

GTM efficiency matters. How soon will your company step into the modern era of growing fast and profitably? 

Less sales & marketing software = better GTM alignment

When you choose to stitch together a series of software solutions, you're consistently logging into a series of different tools. You login to your Sales CRM software to understand what Accounts to focus on, your email marketing software to send an email campaign to Accounts at-risk of churn and your Analytics software to run a Cohort report. Even if these systems are well integrated, some context on your customers and their journey is inevitably lost along the way. You’ll definitely have a “Doh!” moment or two when you deliver a lousy user experience to one of your customers because of the context you were missing. Multiple ID’s for the same Customer anyone? We’ve all been there.

Particularly if you're a startup looking to grow fast, it’s a major advantage to have your whole Sales & Marketing team living in the same tool day in and day out. Everyone’s looking at the same data. Your team has a single, shared understanding of your business' performance and a more complete understanding of each customers’ unique experience with your company. When alignment improves, business results follow.

Imagine managing your GTM operations from behind a single login… when you have less technical overhead, your GTM teams are empowered to make decisions and operate confidently instead of relying on IT for day to day workflows that need to execute in a culture of fast-paced experimentation.

Improved operational efficiency

Once you’ve launched and realized the benefits Intempt offers around GTM efficiency, you’ll start to realize the benefits of a fully integrated platform. Your Intempt account is littered with examples of workflows that can be built in minutes that would otherwise take days (if at all feasible) to set up with disjointed software tools.

Say you want to proactively fight churn by reaching out to users who show signs of becoming disengaged—users who haven't logged into your product in say 14 days. Typically this would require that you:

  • Create an "event" that recognizes that this is happening within your authentication tool
  • Send that information to your CRM
  • Use that event to trigger an email from your marketing automation tool

This is a common workflow, but one that's both technical and time consuming to setup. 

In Intempt, a completely non-technical user can configure this workflow in its entirety in less than 30 seconds. 

Now what about if you’d like to proactively fight churn by letting a ML model figure out what disengaged means instead of hard-coding it to “14 days of inactivity”? You’re looking at yet another tool that will need data sent to it and a data scientist to train a model. 

In Intempt, a completely non-technical user can configure Predictive Scoring to fight churn in less than 30 seconds. 

Or say you wanted to track the actual lifetime value of each customer. This would likely require integrating your billing system, CRM, and reporting tools. With Intempt this calculation occurs automatically and updates in real time as new payments are accepted, directly on each customers’ CRM record.

Your Intempt account is filled with examples of common workflows like this that can collectively save you a ton of time and increase your GTM efficiency.

You'll save you a bunch of money & grow with low, overhead

While we aren't fans of pegging our value to cost savings, we know overhead hurts margins! And we are selling GTM efficiency so we don’t want to get in the way of that. 

If you look at our subscription fees compared to the costs of the software products we replace, our fees are extremely low—that’s by design. And with no per marketer fees you can invite your whole marketing team as you grow without incurring additional costs—also by design! We make money by each additional User we track, so we only grow when you grow and our interests are aligned.

If you compare our fees to other marketing and sales software providers, we’re significantly less expensive. Enterprise grade CDP, Segmentation, Analytics, Journey and Experimentation tools, powered by AI, easily start at US$50K/yr and you need a 3-5 person marketing team to run it all. Intempt starts at $53.20/mo. Come on.

Your marketing & sales stack doesn't need to feel duct taped together

The allure of using “best of breed” software for every aspect of your business is tempting —we get it! But in working with hundreds of Marketing and Sales professionals, we've found that those best in class software tools are heavily underutilized — and the more integrations you have in place, the more your marketing stack feels held together by bailing wire and duct tape. 

Reduce the height of your GTM stack. Does it feel like you're managing your GTM stack, or is your GTM stack is managing you?

Ask any CRO or VP of Marketing that you know who has had a successful start-up run a few questions…

  • How often did you change the tools in your stack as you scaled?
  • How much time was spent evaluating and integrating new tools?
  • How often were you asked to pull data from one tool, to support a campaign deployed in another tool?
  • How often did you encounter issues with data consistency?
  • How often did your integrations break?

The point is, as your customer base grows, time spent evaluating, integrating, and maintaining the GTM stack scales up, dramatically. That’s why you see entire IT departments, and full-time salaries devoted to sales, and marketing operations teams.

We built this company deliberately over the last 5 years so you don’t end up there. 👆

Let’s do some math. Let’s assume that a US employee’s time is valued at $100,000 per year. If that person spends, conservatively, 1 day per week managing their GTM stack (integrations, data flows) what does that cost a company yearly? About $20,000 — 2.5 months of working time.

How far could that budget go if it was spent on growing revenue instead?

One vendor to deal with

With Intempt if you have a problem with your software, you have one vendor to deal with. You can reach us via email, live chat, or our help docs—you can even jump on a 1-on-1 call with us any time you like. Every customer (not just enterprise ones) has access to the CEO’s email and cell phone number. 

You'll come to know our team members by name, and we'll come to know your business. One point of contact is easy to remember… an inbox filled with messages from a handful of Account Managers? No thanks.

Accelerate diligence and increase your valuation

The investment landscape has changed dramatically. 

Investors are increasingly numbers driven –  if they’re going to fork over a large sum of money, they want to understand your metrics inside and out; the good, the bad, and the ugly.Intempt pushes you to be data driven and obsessive about your CAC payback, LTV, DAU/MAU and every single interim step of your flywheel along the acquire, retain and monetize continuum.

Intempt helps superpower your GTM efficiency, giving everyone a single source of GTM truth so they can measure and optimize your business. Everything from your marketing funnel to your sales playbooks are easily accessible, so you won't waste countless hours explaining data discrepancies that are common when disparate CRM, Marketing, Sales and BI tools are stitched together.

Providing that level of insight into your GTM ops doesn't cost you a penny and the credibility you build by providing that level of transparency... priceless.

If you want to see what Intempt is all about, the best way to do so is to create an account. 

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