I'm the founder of a SaaS company, and I  do not want more software ❌

I want my operations to generate more revenue efficiently 💸

Fewer tools (and people operating it all) 👌

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Your marketing & sales stack doesn't need to feel duct-taped together

When you choose to stitch together a series of software solutions, you log in to your Sales CRM software to understand what Accounts to focus on, your email marketing software to send an email campaign to Accounts at risk of churn, and your Analytics software to run a Cohort report. Even if these systems are well integrated,  context on your customers and their journey is inevitably lost along the way. You’ll have a “Doh!” moment or two when you deliver a lousy user experience to one of your customers because of the context you were missing.

Multiple IDs for the same Customer is often the root cause.

Working with hundreds of Marketing and Sales professionals, we've found that "best-in-class" software tools (that each do one thing) are heavily underutilized — and the more integrations you have in place, the more your marketing stack feels held together by bailing wire and duct tape. 

 Does it feel like you're managing your GTM stack, or is your GTM stack managing you?

We've asked CRO's or VP's of Marketing you know who have had a successful run, a few questions…

  • How often did you change the tools in your stack as you scaled?
  • How much time was spent evaluating and integrating new tools?
  • How often were you asked to pull data from one tool to support a campaign deployed in another?
  • How often did you encounter issues with data consistency?
  • How often did your integrations break?

The point is, as your customer base grows, time spent evaluating, integrating, and maintaining the GTM stack scales up dramatically. That’s why you see entire IT departments and full-time salaries devoted to sales and marketing operations teams.

We built this company deliberately over the last 5 years, so you don’t end up there 👆

From Funnels to Flywheels

The main problem is that a fragmented data stack also perpetuates a dysfunctional growth model.

The standard operating model in marketing centers around the funnel. We invest resources into ads, customers get acquired, make a conversion, and then rinse and repeat. 

This is no longer how growth works in modern companies.

Throughout my career, I experienced every stage of the company’s growth, from launching one of the first CMS at Vignette, helping scale the web analytics business at Omniture, and working at enterprise scale at Adobe Marketing Cloud and Intel New Devices division. The game haspatterns. And Flywheel-based growth is one of them👇

The hard truth...

Is that marketing and sales software you choose to use will have a monumental impact on your company’s ability to coordinate marketing and sales operations. Why? There’s one factor that does have an outsized impact on your chances of growing fast and profitably—the quality of your flywheel - in other words, how do you take customer data and re-invest it back into generating customer revenue to help you Acquire, Retain, and Monetize efficiently.

That’s why you must evolve the linear acquisition funnel into a retention and monetization flywheel.

Funnels vs Flywheels

It sounds great, but … will it work for my business?

Explore the detailed shift in growth fundamentals for eCommerce, SaaS, and Mobile app companies.

Select your industry 👇

Solution? Enter GrowthOS

With many business leaders at a crossroads, the new direction is clear—precision and efficiency to manage the customer's lifecycle.

High-performance companies are deploying AI-first technology that provides customers the timely marketing they seek, thereby growing LTV sustainably.

The hard truth is that if you don’t create timely marketing moments with your customers, your competitors will.

GrowthOS components

Sellers & marketers need an elegant GrowthOS that operates on Intent rich User to create timely marketing moments:

Data integrations & identity resolution 

It needs to connect multiple data sources and allow having a unified user profile to enable consistent experience & personalization across any device.

Timely experiences and an all-in-one marketing suite 

Have a range of marketing & sales tools to increase marketing efficiency and provide timely experiences to customers with less operational overhead.

Growth methodology

GrowthOS is not just another tool - it is fundamentally a new way to operate your growth operations end-to-end.

We developed a thoroughly researched and industry-backed methodology to empower any business to level up its game in reaching the ultimate goal - growing faster & more profitably.

1. Discover audiences🔮

Identify, build, and analyze audiences. Unify customer data across all digital and offline touchpoints and use it to identify your target leads & accounts.

✅ How to →Audiences

Predict user-intent in real time with machine learning. Understand your customers better than ever before with a neural network algorithm that identifies future-purchase intent.

✅ How to → Predict

2.Engage customers 💬

Personalize every interaction to deliver an optimal customer experience at scale across web, mobile and email.

✅ How to → Personalization

Set timely, automated triggering events based on real-time behavior to send timely emails and SMS when customers are most likely to engage, like in the event of lifecycle stage change, a lack of activity shown in the past week, and more.

✅ How to → Journeys

3.Optimize experiences 💹

Experiment anywhere on your digital properties with great agility, more confidence, and less risk

✅ How to → Experiments

✅ How to → Insights

Sounds great, but how complex is this?

Launching your GrowthOS motions does not require dozens of spreadsheets, OKR docs, or multiple agencies to figure out your way. We created a library of use cases to get inspiration on starting up with GrowthOS on the fly.Use cases

Go get em'!

Get early access

Over 50 internet businesses are on our early access program. Join them, and after your trial period, receive $5000 in credits.

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HeadinCapture leads from a form and send a follow-up email + Slack notificationg

Follow up news leads after they submit a form on your website

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Nudge customers to purchase again

Follow up with customers that have recently bought, and prompt them to purchase again.

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Alert your sales team when a lead triggers a churn signal. Reduce the response time needed to reach out to leads who are qualified to be engaged.

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