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Optimize conversions by testing different personalization strategies on your online store - focus on getting the most out of your existing traffic.

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Transform static content into personalized experiences

Change any static content element such as hero banners, calls-to-action buttons, promotional areas, product listing pages and more, and tailor it to each user or segment, optimized for maximum performance.

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Tailor page layouts & designs

Dynamically restructure any page layout or element. Automatically rearrange the grid, menu items, and categories to deliver customized layouts according to each visitor’s preferences.

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Optimize buying journeys, not just single pages

Build, deploy, and test personalized campaigns with multiple experiences to ensure they’re providing a consistent user experience.

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How it works

  • Identify your website visitors with data tracked via Intempt
  • Analyze trends and uncover your top conversion opportunities
  • Point-and-click to change anything on your online store’s website. Publish changes instantly to target audiences.
  • Prove the impact on conversion. We automate hold-out tests between your variations until a statistically significant winner is found.

Features used

  • Experiments
  • Segments
  • Events
  • Reports

Metrics that move

  • Purchase/add to cart conversion rate
  • Cart abandonment
  • Average order value (AOV)
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Time spent on pages
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)


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