Churn prevention

Catch defecting customers before they become inactive and drive them to another purchase.

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Automate churn prevention with AI

Use an AI scoring model to predict if an active customer will make a next purchase

Increase your customer LTV

Many customers go dark after their first purchase - identify the risky ones and ensure they keep returning for the next purchase

How it works

  • Install Intempt web tracker to start tracking events in your store
  • Connect Shopify to sync your order & customer data
  • Create a predictive churn score - select a goal for users that made at least one purchase but did not perform successive orders
  • Use the predictive score to create a “High churn segment”
  • Create a journey with re-engagement communication sequences that will be served to users that have a high probability of defecting
  • View journey analytics and check your conversion goal -  if users enrolled in the journey made their next order

Features used

  • Predictive scoring
  • Journeys
  • Segments
  • Events

Metrics that move

  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer churn rate
  • Net promoter score
  • Customer satisfaction score
  • Customer retention cost
  • Customer health score


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