Post-purchase upsell

Build on the successful conversion of a lead to a first-time buyer and drive towards that crucial second purchase, turning them into repeat customers.

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Automate your upsell strategy

Proactively engage customers based on their behavior.

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Determine category and product affinity with autopilot

Create rules that will put users into segments depending on the products and categories viewed or purchased.

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Continue optimizing

Track conversion analytics to keep optimizing your upsell messaging and offers

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How it works

  • Install Intempt web tracker to start tracking events in your store
  • Connect Shopify to sync your order & customer data
  • Create affinity segments depending on your product and category distribution in your store (for example, the high-affinity segment for smart watches - viewed more than ten pages of smart watches products)
  • Create a journey to follow up with affinity-based product recommendations after the first customer’s purchase
  • View journey analytics and check your conversion goal -  if users enrolled in the journey made their following order

Features used

  • Journeys
  • Segments
  • Events
  • Reports

Metrics that move

  • Average order value (AOV)
  • Purchase frequency
  • Repeat purchase rate
  • Customer lifetime value

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