Habit formation

Send reminders to your app users based on their engagement levels - keep them hooked with timely in-app and email nudges.

Product growth manager
GrowthOS level:

Identify behavioral patterns

Based on your app usage data, determine the healthy threshold level of your app engagement

Course correct your users in autopilot

Create the rules for when the user should be notified if his engagement levels drop.

Bulletproof retention

Ensure that user maintains the habit of using the app before they get sidetracked.

How it works

  • Install Intempt mobile SDK to start tracking events in your app
  • Create scores to evaluate user engagement per selected features (e.g., songs played)
  • Create segments using scores that map to user engagement levels (e.g., Low activity in songs played)
  • Create personalization experiments to trigger in-app reminder screens depending on their activity.
  • Create email-based journeys to follow up if a user remains low on app usage levels.
  • Measure product usageand retention over time. Select one or more events you track to make a chart,then save it to a growth board for regular reporting and analysis.

Features used

  • Experiments
  • Scoring
  • Journeys
  • Events
  • Segments
  • Reports
  • Growth boards

Metrics that move

  • Retention rate
  • Average screens per visit
  • Daily active users
  • Monthly active users
  • Customer churn rate
  • Net promoter score
  • Customer satisfaction score


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