Feature adoption and discovery

Trigger in-app assist for new and underused app features to encourage upgrades and feature stickiness. Perform A/B testing to further smoothen the experience.

Product growth manager
GrowthOS level:

Encourage feature stickiness

Trigger screens that remind the users to continue using features they might have missed.

Drive targeted engagement

Target the most receptive users for efficient feature adoption.

Continue improving app experience

Perform continuous A/B tests to find the right balance with app usability experience.

How it works

  • Install Intempt mobile tracker to start tracking events in your app
  • Build a feature usage scoring model based on your app’s engagement framework.
  • Divide the customers into tiered groups for each score dimension (low, medium, high)
  • Create specific screens to show different progress statuses and connect them with experiments to trigger on your app based on the defined targeting criteria
  • Create journeys with targeted messaging sequences based on the triggered feature thresholds.
  • Analyze performance.Create reports to track how well your feature adoption progresses in relationto your retention and engagement metrics.

Features used

  • Scoring
  • Experiments
  • Journeys
  • Reports
  • Growth boards
  • Segments
  • Events

Metrics that move

  • Average screens per visit
  • Daily active users
  • Monthly active users
  • Customer churn rate
  • Activation rate
  • Feature adoption rate
  • Time to value (TTV)

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