Landing page and ad optimization

Turn any web page into a winning PPC landing page: No need to build 100s of separate landing pages - use Intempt to personalize any page on your website to match the copy in each ad campaign.

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Landing page and ad optimization
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With existing marketing stack, It is extremely challenging to efficiently optimize  pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies. The standard approach often involves creating numerous unique landing pages tailored to each ad campaign, which is both time-consuming and resource-intensive. This method not only demands substantial effort in design and development but also necessitates ongoing maintenance and updates for each separate page.

Moreover, this approach can lead to inconsistencies in messaging and user experience, as visitors are directed to various landing pages that may not always provide a seamless transition from the ad copy. This fragmentation can negatively impact the effectiveness of the PPC campaigns, leading to lower conversion rates and reduced return on investment.

Why this Workflow

  • No cloning pages. Edit any page on your website with our point-and-click editor.
  • Zero guesswork. Try audience and content suggestions powered by AI
  • Measure all the impact. Prove how personalization and A/B tests drive conversions and revenue

How it works

1. Install the Intempt script to track visitors and conversions

It takes 5 minutes - just add the script to the head section of your website. You can also use Google Tag Manager for convenient code deployment.

2. Analyze trends and uncover your top conversion opportunities

Analyze user engagement and determine what content and on which pages you should apply changes to improve experience.

3. Edit any landing page without code - point and click to change any page on your website.

You can use the visual editor to make changes on your website without in minutes - without requiring developer support. Create different variations of your website to test your hypothesis.

4.Configure experiment targeting for ads

Ensure that the experience you created will only be displayed for users that visit your page from Google Ads campaign - so you can determine your CPC performance. Add UTM parameters to filter out the noise.

5. Prove the impact on conversion

Automate hold-out tests between your variations until a stat sig winner is found.

That's it!  Double down your CPC campaigns on winning variants and continue optimizing your ads experience.

Whenever you're ready, your can sign up for The Growth OS to try this use case.
In addition, there are 3 other ways Intempt can help you:
1. The Intempt Startup Program: This program accelerates startups in eCommerce, SaaS, and Apps. It teaches founder-led and small marketing teams how to acquire, engage, and retain customers. Participants receive a $5000 credit for growth at no cost. Plus, if you refer your accelerator to us and they join our Affiliate Program, we'll double your credits.
2. The Intempt Affiliate Program: Accelerators and incubators can offer the Intempt Startup Program to their communities. Your startups will benefit from our program, and you'll receive a 20% revenue share.
3. The Intempt Agency Program: If you're a CRO agency, consider joining our Agency Program. You'll learn cutting-edge strategies for acquiring, retaining, and monetizing accounts (for SaaS companies) and users (for eCommerce & SaaS companies), implementing Intempt on behalf of eCommerce, SaaS, and Apps companies.


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