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HeadinCapture leads from a form and send a follow-up email + Slack notificationg

Follow up news leads after they submit a form on your website

Nudge customers to purchase again

Follow up with customers that have recently bought, and prompt them to purchase again.

Reach out to qualified leads who visit your pricing page

When a prospect visits your pricing page more than once, automatically send them a sales outreach.

Reactivation Loops

Measure your user activity and get them into an engagement loop with your product. identify and target only specific customer groups that will turn out to be most profitable for your business.

Trigger alerts for churning customers

Alert your sales team when a lead triggers a churn signal. Reduce the response time needed to reach out to leads who are qualified to be engaged.

Automate gated content engagement

Capture a gated content form, send new leads the content to download, and assign the leads

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