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Platform Fee
$0 $2500 $7500
User Session Volume
5000 incl. 125,000 incl. Included
Data History
3 Months 1 Year 1+ Years
Employee Seats
1 2 $150/each
User Volume
100 incl. 2500 incl. 7500 incl.
Web Web, Mobile, Server Web, Mobile, Server, IoT, 3rd Party
Customer Data Platform
User Explorer
Included Included Included
User Identity & Behavior Profiling
Included Included Included
Custom Data Ingestion APIs
Included Included
Included Included Included
Mobile SDK's
Included Included
Real Time Segmentation
Retroactive Event Capture
Included Included Included
Behavioral Segmentation
Included Included Included
User Property Segmentation
Included Included Included
Segment Grouping
Included Included
Model Directives
Included Included
Feature Impact
Included Included
Custom Features
Included Included
Explainable ML
Included Included
Campaign Optimization
Triggered Campaigns
Included Included
Custom Metrics
Included Included
Micro Targeting
Included Included
Offer & Experience Authoring
Included Included
Frequency Caps & Delivery Windows
Included Included
Audience Analytics
Custom Metrics
Included Included Included
Audience Explorer
Included Included Included
Included Included Included
Customer Data Lifecycle Grids
Included Included Included
Data & Governance
Private Cloud Deployment
Employee Licenses
1 2 $150
GDPR-compliant DPA
Included Included Included
Two-Factor Auth
Included Included Included
Role-based Permissions
Included Included
Campaign Approval Workflow
Included Included
Support & Success
Help Docs
Included Included Included
Email Support
Included Included Included
Onboarding & Implementation
Optional Included
Account Manager
Included Included
Solution Architect
Best practices for Customer Lifecycle Management
Included Included
Product Training
Optional Optional
Quarterly Business Reviews
Included Included

Questions about pricing? We've got answers.

How does your pricing compare to other tools?

There are tools out there that focus on A/B testing, personalization, 1:1 messaging that focus on micro optimizations, these aren't worth time and money. With Intempt, we will encourage you to personalize the full customer journey.

What is your fair pricing policy?

Most enterprise software pricing is designed to charge you based on fixed tiers. If you buy 1,000 but only use 100, you still get charged for 1,000, and a sales guy gets credit for making quota. We don't think that's fair. At Intempt, you only get billed for what you use. So you don't pay for the visitors that aren't hitting Intempt. As your visitors shift each month, we'll shift our charges accordingly. If you prefer fixed pricing, we can arrange that.

Where can I get a demo?

The best way to find out whether Intempt is right for you is to have a discussion with us. Or if you prefer, feel free to go ahead and try it! If you'd like a guided demo, please contact us to schedule.

We want a marketing person to build out our personalization system. Can you provide that?

Yes. We’ll pair you with our resident growth pro to work on a personalization blueprint for your business. Contact us for details.


We attempt to extract first value 1-2 weeks after the first personalization is live. Going live in most companies takes about 8 weeks.

What are your contract and payment terms?

Our subscription term is month to month, or for a year, paid upfront and discounted.

Do you offer a trial period?

Our personal plan will allow you to test drive the product for $50/month. The Intempt team will onboard you to ensure your success.

ACQUIRE, CONVERT and GROW throughout the customer journey

Data, Analytics and Personalization Platform for growing companies

  • Progressive profiling lowers Customer Acquisiton Cost
  • Behavioral journeys increase Cross/Upsell rates
  • Augmenting loyalty programs with personalized experiences increases Lifetime Value

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