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Optimize every customer experience

Transform the visual appearance of your website, add personalized content and experiment with A/B tests.

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Experiment to uncover customer insights and create high-performing experiences

One size never fits all. Offer an exclusive, one-on-one experience to customers when they visit your website.

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313% longer time on site


3x higher lift in revenue


163% higher average pages per visit

Optimize FUNNELS, not just single pages

Build, deploy, and test personalized campaigns with multiple experiences to ensure they’re providing a consistent user experience.

Deploy seamless personalization

Build and optimize campaigns with multiple experiences over different touchpoints.

Visual Editor

Design multi-touch experiences using a powerfu editor that lets you preview changes as you make them without touching any code.

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Improve performance with EXPERIENCE analytics

Leverage Intempt’s Metrics engine to drive maximum results based on your Experiences data.

Robust analytics & insights

Get important audience insights and testing performance, allowing you to measure the true impact of experiments on any digital interaction across any channel.

Flexible KPI selection

Select the right KPI for each Experience campaign to ensure you’re optimizing towards the right objectives.

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Move beyond A/B testing with sophisticated targeting

Serve tailored and optimized experiences to digital visitors based on custom events, segment and user attributes.

Transform static content into personalized experiences

Change any static content element such as hero banners, calls-to-action buttons, promotional areas, product listing pages and more, and deliver it to specific audiences.

Modify page layouts & designs

Dynamically restructure any page layout or element. Automatically rearrange the grid, menu items, and categories to deliver customized layouts.

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Keep your customers engaged by aligning content to their needs

Personalized content

Adapt your web content automatically to scale your personalization efforts and engage users with content that matters to them.

Cross-channel user view

Identify users across channels and show personalized content based on the complete behavioral dataset.

Experience automatization

Leverage targetting triggers and rules to automate Experiences.

Visual experience editor

Design personalization campaigns with a visual editor without requiring help from designers or developers.

Full-breadth of integrations

Intempt’s platform integrates with the leading marketing tools to help you maximize the power of personalization.

Experience & variant analytics

Measure the performance of different variants to understand which modifications drive the KPIs.


A truly unified customer experience requires integration across the entire technology stack - including eCommerce platforms, Ad networks, Messaging services, CRM and customer experience channels.

Explore how our vendor integrations can improve your workflow to acquire, convert and grow througout the customer journey.

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