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Sell more with automated worfklows

Generate more revenue and spend less time on low-value tasks by setting up automated workflows.

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Repetitive tasks increases the time required to make a sale

Around 70% of the customers sales reps meet aren’t logged in a CRM. Reps aren’t neglectful—they’re facing an impossible task to manage all incoming leads and continuously updating their statuses manually. Intempt solves this by automatically capturing all your sales and activity data, so reps aren’t wasting time on unproductive manual entry. The result? Sales leaders can coach and strategize based on complete data and reps can spend more time closing deals.

Automate and scale your
sales operations

Automate manual tasks to create fast and consistent sales processes

Cut your lead leakage

Track each and every interaction your leads have with your website, blogs, apps and salespeople in a single 360 view.

Capture your online leads

Capture leads from all your online channels – company page, social media, webinar and more.

Capture your offline leads

Capture phone calls as leads and upload leads from offline channels like events etc. in csv format.


Automate lead distribution

Set rules to automatically assign leads to salespeople by geography, product type, source, or a combination of criteria.

Adapt to changing conditions

Automatically reassign the leads to another rep in case no action has been taken by the first rep.

Introduce waterfalling conditions

Create a multi-step workflow to pass leads based on multiple yes/no conditions.

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Find the most qualified leads

Set up rules to assign higher quality score to leads with specific attributes.

Create dynamic segments of leads

The combination of specific events and lead activity scoring can be used to dynamically create segments of leads that should be contacted first.

Adjust a score based on any condition

Adjust lead scores based on any action; choose the lead scoring rules that support specific business use cases.

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Set automatic alerts

Set rules to automatically alert salespeople as soon as something important happens e.g. initiate an alert for a follow-up when a lead spends longer than 3-minutes on the pricing page.

Notify sales teams

Notify the whole team in a Slack channel in case of a sales activity event or inaction on a salesperson’s part.

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Automate your growth

Maximize your impact with sales strategies shaped by automation supporting features and tools
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Lead distribution

Easily track and distribute leads between
your teams based on requirements or other dynamic criteria.

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Engagement scoring

Score a lead’s engagement in real-time based on actions they take. Auto-qualify based on the continuously updating score.

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Lead capture

Capture leads from all sources – website, Facebook, Google, lead providers, referrals – onto one platform with zero leakage.

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Custom reports

Create custom reports to get deeper insights
into your ROI combining user’s behavioral, transactional, and demographic data.

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Real-time notifications

Build advanced qualification criteria to notify sales reps if an immediate action needs to be taken.

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Developer SDKs & APIs

Take control over your sales automation logic with well-documented REST APIs, server and client-side SDKs.

Supported tech stack

Sync all your tools with Intempt for real-time automation


Seamlessly capture your leads and prospects coming into your system. With one platform, clean your data, manage data flows, and keep your teams in sync. Set automated triggers for adding to and updating your Leads, Contacts, and Campaigns. Benefit from enriched data about leads and contacts.


Trigger notifications and actions, and look up leads and customers without leaving Slack. Intempt’s Slack connector allows you to send instant notifications in a channel or private message. Trigger a notification when a particular lead or account performs a key action like “Visited Pricing Page”.


Intempt’s Webhook forwarder enables you to POST your app event data to any any 3rd party system, in an easily-parseable JSON format. Data you collected with Intempt can be sent onwards to webhook destinations of your choice.


Combine your Stripe data with your product analytics data to give context to customer behavior. Track your subscription KPIs like MRR, expansion revenue, and churn, discover customers nearing renewal that aren’t using your product, and locate opportunities for expansion at your high-revenue accounts.


Use cases

A truly unified customer experience requires integration across the entire technology stack - including eCommerce platforms, Ad networks, Messaging services, CRM and customer experience channels.

Explore how our vendor integrations can improve your workflow to acquire, convert and grow througout the customer journey.

Refine the selection by filtering the use cases by industry, role and connectors.

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