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Create an automated ticketing system based on customer behavior and real-life interactions.

1. Set up a proximity beacon on your premise

Install beacons in your business location (e.g. lobby, entrance, SPA, restaurant) to track customer movement.

2. Create a proximity source in Intempt Platform

Connect your beacons to the Intempt Platform to start gathering data.

3. Connect a Service app to Intempt Platform

Authenticate against your service app (Freshdesk) and start syncing data.

4. Create a segment

Build segments of Users based on specific behavior and movement triggers. For example, you can build a segment of users who clicked on a SPA advertisement, entered a hotel, but did not book the service.

4. Real-time engagement

Once the segment is triggered, a service ticket is sent to the agent. He can present the customer a personalized offer/promotion.

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