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Set Up Usage Alerts

Enable your team to know when their customers are engaging with this feature the moment it is interacted with.

Usage alerting can have an effective way to calibrate your marketing and sales engine. Product managers can leverage usage alerts to immediately reach out to customers and get feedback on features or tools, while customer success managers can immediately contact customers once they’ve used an upsell or cross-sell feature.

Any product team can monitor their key KPI’s in real-time, or even leverage webhooks to stream product usage data to 3rd party tools like Zendesk, Slack, and Salesforce to keep internal teams updated on customer engagement.

Step 1: Create a webhook destination

Go to destinations and add a new webhook destination.

Step 2: Determine events for the webhook destination

Once webhooks are enabled in your account, you will identify which action you are looking for that indicates a customer is engaging with your feature. Is this a button click, page view, or series of actions?

Be sure this event is created in the event editor. If your event is not defined, use the event editor or event visualizer to define it.

Step 3: Configure your Webhook

Once the webhook features have been enabled in your account and you have ensured the appropriate events are defined, you can build your webhook. Go to destinations and select the webhook you have created.

Choose the URL where the webhooks will trigger POST requests, such as Slack or Zendesk.

Choose the URL where the webhooks will trigger POST requests, such as Slack or Zendesk.

Finally, choose the event you wish to be alerted - this will be the trigger event.

Step 4: Test your Webhook

Verify the webhook is functioning correctly by triggering the event.

Note: you can also create a Slack channel specifically for these alerts and inviting the team members responsible for responding to the notifications.

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