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Reduce customer churn

Determine which behaviors correlate with user retention. Act and optimize based on data insights.

1. Calculate LTV metric with Intempt Metrics

Use the metric creator feature to build a customer churn rate metric (customer beginning of month- customer end of month/ customers beginning of month)./p>

2. Create a user segment

Create a segment within Intempt, defining your segment with events that correspond to behavior that could affect churn rate. For example: “Visited documentation page”, “Sent a service ticket”, “Selected a monthly plan”.

3. Compare segments based on the churn rate metric

Analyze which segments have higher/lower churn rate. Use graphs to compare different segments based on churn rate values. For example, answer questions:

- Who churn less – those who visited the documentation page or not?

- Who churn less - those who completed the onboarding vs. who did not?

- After what time frame users tend to churn out? What is the best moment to re-engage them?

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