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Reactivate Old Trial Users

Create a custom audience of users who went through a trial of your product but didn't upgrade. Show them ads announcing new features to encourage them to come back and give your product another shot. This audience should be more cost-effective to re-acquire than acquiring a cold user.

Step 1: Create a source

Add a Web JS source to your app/console/site to start tracking customer interactions.

Step 2: Create events

Create events to track trial activation and subscription events.

Step 3: Create a segment

Create your segment definition:

A and B

A: Users who have activated a trial

B: Users who have not subscribed to a product

Timeframe: this year till last x days (depends on the trial length)

Step 4: Create a destination

Create a messaging destination that is activated once the user enters the segment. Send an email or SMS offering a promotion to subscribe and continue your product.

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