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Re-engage inactive customers with personalized messaging

Re-engage your idle prospects by targeting them with relevant content based on their profile and behavioral data.

1. Ingest transaction/ customer data from your CRM/ POS solution

Import your customer/transaction data through a data upload (file upload or data feed) or use an integration if you are using a supported CRM solution (Hubspot or Salesforce).

2. Connect your eCommerce solution to Intempt Platform

Sync your customer data with eCommerce CMS integration (Shopify). Map your customer attributes you want to sync and create a single view of the customer across channels.

3. Create user segments

Build segments of Users based on specific behavior or attrubute. For example, you can build a segment of users who abandoned a cart online and did not make a purchase in the offline store.

4. Re-engage via SMS

Create a Twilio destination to send a SMS reminder message to customers who are defined in the cross-channel segment.

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