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Measure and visualize your ad campaign performance

See how much you spend and analyze how your ad campaigns perform across different segments and events.

Step 1: Set up your Web Source

Install js and iOS tracker on your website to start tracking your customer interactions (e.g., page views, interaction events).

Step 2: Set up your Google Ads source

Connect your Google Ads connector to Intempt Platform to start receiving your ad campaign data.

Step 3: Create events

Create events to track you funnel and conversion events.

Step 4: Create segments

Which customers matter for your business the most? Create segments based on your customer behavior (e.g., cart abandoners, brand lovers), retention phase (e.g., at risk, potential loyalist) activity (new user, returning visitor).

Step 5: Create pipelines

Transfer data from different data sources to the destination - data warehouse (e.g., Redshift). After that, use the BI tool (e.g., Looker, Mode Insights) to query the data via the warehouse cluster to create data visualization models.

You will need to create two different pipelines with 2 data sources you have already added.

a) Go to Pipelines

b) Select Google Ads/Web site as a source

c) Select your warehouse as the pipeline destination

d) Add necessary transformations to your data:

Field selector - select, edit and reorganize your input fields

Filter - filters fields based on one or multiple conditions

Type converter - converts input field data from one type to another

Data hashing - hide the original data by modifying it through hashing

Data cleansing - replaces the content of records or fills records with a given value

Step 6: Set up event, segment, and attribute forwarding

Choose which audiences, events, and attributes you want to forward to the data warehouse. The final selection depends on your funnel and the campaigns created.

Step 7: Analyze the data

Once you have your web and Google Ads data moved to the warehouse, let‘s start making sense of the data. This is what you can do with your raw data:

  -  Ad Performance Overview. - explore display performance across all outlets to understand which platforms, formats, text, etc., reach your intended audience most effectively.

  -  Campaign Performance Overview - compare audience cohorts, conversions and cost, period-over-period analysis, and all other signs of campaign success.

  -  Keyword Performance Overview - control the budget and optimize keyword success using custom cohorts and trend analysis over time.

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