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Measure product success

Create a success metric and analyze which audience characteristics determine a successful app adoption.

1.Create a iOS SDK source

Install Intempt iOS SDK source to track user behavior and interactions in your app.

2. Create a User segment

Set a segment within Intempt - define events that are linked to specific audiences. Adjust segment definition to create segments pairs based on different attributes:

   -  Trial users vs. subscribed users

   -  Users who live in Europe vs. users who live in USA

   -  Business vs. individual users

3. Create a Success Metric

Build a metric that corresponds to a specific value moment that shows a successful product adoption. For example:

   -  The number of users who complete a therapy session daily

   -  The number of users who watch 10+ mins of live stream weekly

   -  The number of signed contracts monthly

4. Determine how different segments compare against the success metric

Analyze which audience characteristics have the most impact on the success metric. For example:

   -  Trial users vs subscribed users -> complete a therapy session

   -  Users who live in Europe vs users who live in USA -> watch 10+ mins of live stream weekly

   -  Business vs. individual users -> sign contracts monthly

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