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Increase product retention with targeted push notifications

Use mobile push notifications to re-engage a subset of inactive users. By sending a promotional message or raising awareness for a new product feature, you can boost further engagement.

1.Create a iOS SDK source

Install an Intempt iOS SDK tracker to get user behavior and interaction data from your app.

2. Create application usage events

Set custom events, which show how the user is interacting with the app. We recommend using these application usage events:

   -  Application installed

   -  Application opened

   -  Application updated

   -  Application Backgrounded

   -  Application Uninstalled

3. Create a segment

Add a segment of inactive users who performed specified application usage events. For example, build an audience of users who discovered and installed the App via “Google” but haven’t opened the application in the last 15 days (application installed, application opened events).

4. Engage via push notification

Create a Twilio destination to send push notifications to a defined inactive user segment.

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