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Gamified Free Trial Extension

Give users extra trial days to use more product features or perform social actions, e.g., to invite friends/sharing your content. Track every user’s step and reward them - this will incentivize them to continue using the product, eventually more likely to upgrade to a paid plan.

1. Develop a strategy on what to gamify

What actions and events need to be gamified should be based on research and audience preferences. Do surveys and interviews. Use buyer personas for more details.

2. Create a source

Add a Web JS source to your app/console/site to start tracking customer interactions.

3. Create events

Create custom events based on your audience preferences.

4. Divide the trial period into segments

Link segments to tasks, and when a user completes the tasks, extend the trial by a couple of days (or so). This works best to keep them engaged, and they will be least likely to churn.

   -  1 free day = add an idea

   -  2 free days - add a product

   -  2 free days - add a customer feedback

   -  2 free days - add a mockup

   -  2 free days - add a user persona

   -  2 free days - set up an integration

   -  5 free days - add a credit card (future billing)

5. Create a conversion metric

Conversion: (Subscription count / Total count of users) * 100%

6. Track performance

Use a segment comparison graph to analyze if gamified users had a higher conversion rate than the rest of the audience.

 Concept: Segment comparison

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