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Funnel based retargeting

Retarget users across the funnel using Intempt and an advertising platform like Google Ads. By creating segments of high-intent user segments, you can personalize the pre-purchase experience to increase conversions and optimize your ROAS.

1. Set up a source

Install API connector, Web, iOS, or Proximity SDK trackers to get event data across channels.

2. Create segments based on funnel steps

Create segments within Intempt, defining events that correspond to different steps in a funnel. For example:

   -  Awareness – users who have visited less than three pages

   -  Interest – visited three pages, but did not visit product page

   -  Consideration – visited product page, but did not add to cart

   -  Intent – added to cart, but did not check out

   -  Evaluation – started checkout, but did not complete

   -  Sale – bought the product/service

3. Sync your segments with Google retargeting service

Add segments to Google Ads audiences and start displaying different retargeting ads for users in distinct funnel steps.

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