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Churn Risk Detection

Identify when a user/account is likely to churn and try to prevent it. Set up a notification system that will alert you of users who have a downward product usage trend.

Step 1: Create a source

Add a Web JS source to your app/console/site to start tracking customer interactions.

Step 2: Create events

Based on your business, determine which events are directly related to your product usage. For example, it could be inviting a user, creating an object, adding action and etc.

Step 3: Create a metric

Build a metric to calculate the user activity score.

Activity score = event count / session count

Step 4: Analyze the metric graph

Look at the metric graph to determine the low activity score threshold. Values you are looking for should be around 25% percentile.

Step 5: Create a destination

Create a messaging destination that is activated once a customer enters the segment. Send a win-back email inviting users to continue using the product.

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