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Automate emails based on lead on-site behavior

If your leads are currently browsing your website, a great way to engage them is by sending real-time personalized content.

With Intempt Web Tracker you'll know exactly which pages your leads have been looking at so you can suggest related content to follow-up with.

Set up an email destination based on pages views. For instance:

   • Send a whitepaper after your lead visits a product-related page

   • Send a related blog post after your lead visits the landing page

   • Send product details email after your lead visits a product-related page

   • Send an email after your lead spends some time browsing documentation pages

1. Set up Intempt Web Tracker

Install a web tracker on your website to track web page views as events.

2. Create a user segment

Create a Segment within Intempt, defining your segment by the URL(s) that were visited. For example: page_url equals https://www.intempt.com/connectors

3. Integrate messaging service

Connect your email marketing platform to Intempt.

4. Trigger email destination

Create a messaging destination – use Sendgrid integration to send emails after a user enters the segment.

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