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Ask referrals and reviews at the peak moment

Identify the moment your users receive maximum value from your product or service and prompt them to refer friends or leave a review.

1. Identify the ideal moment

Determine which event shows the peak of the user's enthusiasm for your product. You can try two approaches to determine it.

Option 1: When people make repeated transactions.‌ If they come to buy again, you know you have them genuinely hooked. That’s your referral inquiry moment.

Option 2: Look at the event report graphs.‌ Perform an analysis of how long users stay engaged on average. For example, select a segment of users who have purchased from your store 6 months ago and compare it against a session metric throughout the period. You might find that 90% of users that continue visiting your site over the second month would remain active and continue placing orders during the rest of the 6 months period. That’s your moment when you should prompt users to refer.

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2.Create a segment

Add event condition that correspond to the peak moment of the user's enthusiasm with the product/brand. For example:

All users that have triggered the Page Viewed event at least once ~ 3 months ago, and at least once within the last 7 days (meaning they’ve been active over the course of the last 3 months).

3.Trigger journey and engage with email

Schedule the journey to start at exactly the moment when the user is primed to refer or leave a positive review.

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