Visitor Manager, Audience Analyzer, Campaign Manager, Experience Composer and Funnel Analytics




Visitor Journeys

Visualize visitor journeys through your site or app with no extra code

Track and Identify

One platform handles, visitor tracking, behavioral targeting and experience analysis


Once the tracker is installed on your website/app, Intempt auto-captures all visitor behavior

Predictive Models

Intempt uses visitor variables to build statistical models that predict the next action


Predictive segmentation helps you define audiences based on their unique behavior fingerprint


Intempt captures any actions on your website - clicks, touches, gestures, form submissions, and page views.

Experiences & Variants

Communicate using personalized experiences and variants hone into the nuance

Dayparting, Frequency Caps and Delays

Set a delay between when a visitor qualifies and when they're nudged (and how often)

Audience Targeting

Generate engagement and revenue by triggering predictive experiences targeted to visitors on your site

HTML, Image & CSS templates

Templates are created by your designer once and re-used across campaigns

Overlay or Embedded Experiences

Choose an overlay style or an page-embedded experience and associate it with templates and campaigns

Campaign & Variant Styling

Associate different variants with styles of your choice to more specifically test your campaigns

Event & Segment Analytics

Setup a set of behaviors and you will be able to view activity data on it, retroactively

Funnel Analytics

Evaluate the impact of personalization at each step of your custom funnel

Campaign Analytics

Monitor campaign success metrics like converted visitors, AOV, RPV and lift

Just to recap
We solved personalization

We didn’t solve world peace

Attract, Engage and Grow Visitors into Customers

  • Behavioral Messaging
  • Form Flow Optimization
  • Prospect Purchase Prediction