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HubSpot CRM Growth board template provides you with insights about deals and sales pipelines which will help you to track and grow your business.

Introduction to Executive Dashboard:

The Executive Dashboard SuccessBLOC allows you to:
What's Included?
Goals & KPIs

‍By connecting your HubSpot account, you’ll be able to measure and report on the following:


  • What’s your average deal size? Track your average deal size month-over-month and forecast whether your current volume will allow you to hit your sales goals. Compare previous periods and track your team’s ability to close bigger deals.
  • How many open, closed, and lost deals did you see this month? Track the number of deals created by your sales team and their outcomes, including the number of deals closed, lost, and won so you can measure progress toward goals and prioritize support.
  • How much revenue can you expect to close from new deals created? Measure the potential revenue your sales team can close from newly created deals in a given time period. This is useful for forecasting and sustaining a healthy sales pipeline.
  • What’s our current progress toward your sales goals? Measure the number of closed won deals this month, or over previous time periods, and monitor whether you’re on track to hit your quarterly or even yearly sales goals.


Key Metrics


  • Paid Signups Per Day
  • Conversion Rate Through Funnel
  • Top of Funnel Additions
  • Top Closers this Month









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