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This journey helps you convert users on a trial of your product into paying customers with a combination of email workflows.

Introduction to Executive Dashboard:

The Executive Dashboard SuccessBLOC is the executive team’s command center for understanding and taking action on all customer success and CS team performance KPIs. It includes scorecards and reports that provide quick access to the business’s progress on key customer and financial goals.

The Executive Dashboard SuccessBLOC allows you to:

The Executive Dashboard SuccessBLOC is the executive team’s command center for understanding how to:

  • View all of your customer success metrics in one place
  • Measure and take action on customer success performance
  • Understand customer success impact across the entire customer lifecycle
What's Included?
Goals & KPIs

Overall Customer Summary

  • Total ACV
  • Overall Customer Health
  • Accounts by Customer Journey Stage
  • Number of Accounts

Ensure High Renewal Rates

  • Current Quarter Renewable Accounts
  • Current Quarter Renewable ACV
  • Current Quarter Renewal Health
  • Overdue Renewals
  • Current Quarter Renewals at Risk
  • Current Quarter Renewal ACV at Risk
  • Current Quarter Renewed ACV
  • Current Quarter Churned ACV

‍There are several emails a user will receive based on if they are inactive or active (if you are using a scoring attribute).


The emails in the journey are as follows:

  • Day 1: Welcome email with key setup step
  • Day 2: Webinar invite
  • Day 4: A case study of successful customers
  • Day 7: Account summary of progress so far based on being active/inactive. The inactive summary is focused on what success can look like for that user.
  • Day 12: Expiry warning with progress bar encouraging them to subscribe
  • Day 13: Expiry warning for the next day
  • Day 14: Select a plan after the expiry
  • Day 16: Trial feedback on why they didn't buy


Active engagement with your users will allow you convert more customers on your SaaS trial.









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