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Segment your audience with precision

Personalize customer experiences with deep segmentation. Focus on your target audience and deliver individualized experiences that drive higher ROI.

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Target and grow your ideal customer base

Group users into real-time segments and perfect your audience targeting
with our powerful, automated segmentation engine.

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Activate your audience with real-time events

Build real-time segments with all your customer data, then sync across all your tools in real-time.

Instant segment triggering

Use real-time and past events to build segments, including all complex event properties & filters.

Cross-channel segmentation

Build segments with data from any source that’s in your Intempt organization.

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Identify high-converting

Create precise audience segments with advanced filtering and grouping options.

Get granular with user attributes

Identify, define, and target your audience with attributes, including traits, behaviors, preferences, and more.

Advanced AND / OR logic

Nested groups let you control and/or rules in your segments. You can apply any combination of groups, and groups within groups.

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Drive customer engagements

Trigger omnichannel engagement campaigns based on users entering or leaving segments.

Target by customer type

Customize your messaging, frequency and offers you send based on segment membership.

Activate your marketing stack

Sync your segments with destinations to trigger email and SMS engagement campaigns.

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Optimize customer lifecycle with segmentation

Maximize your impact with marketing strategies shaped by advanced segmentation engine
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Cross-channel segmentation

Build segments with data from any source that’s connected to your Intempt organization.

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Segment connections

React instantly to customer events to deliver timely, relevant experiences to any destination, including web, email, mobile, and social.

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Advanced nesting

Create AND / OR groupings on the fly and nest groupings within groupings.

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Connector sync

Keep all your saved segments up-to-date automatically in real-time across all your saved tools.

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Real-time triggering

Segments are continuously updated with every new tracked customer interaction.

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User attributes

Segment based on unlimited behavioral, demographics, interests, privacy attributes for every individual.


Use cases

A truly unified customer experience requires integration across the entire technology stack - including eCommerce platforms, Ad networks, Messaging services, CRM and customer experience channels.

Explore how our vendor integrations can improve your workflow to acquire, convert and grow througout the customer journey.

Refine the selection by filtering the use cases by industry, role and connectors.

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