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Intempt for Product Teams

Build product with modern data infrastructure

Collect and connect customer data from different tools with a secure and reliable API.


Collect CLEAN data

Collect user events from any source

Manage data across teams

Adjust your data and engineering teams with a single data naming convention.

Comply to privacy policies

Ensure your destinations comply to GDPR and CCPA privacy requirements

Collect data

Collect event data from all web, mobile and app sources


By making metrics easy to access and create, you’ll enable your team to become truly data-driven

Segment & event comparison

Analyze how specific events and segments compare against each other. Find the missing link to understand the reasons behind the ups and downs.

Mesure KPIs

Build your own metrics to measure custom KPIs, analyze the change over the period of time.



Get customer data across all platforms and channels

Merge identified users

Identify anonymous users with known IDs to build a unified customer profile.

Get real data

Understand user engagement, improve customer experiences, and make better decisions based on high-quality customer data.



Get the full view of your customers by integrating your data to selected apps

Validate data

Validate incoming data against your configuration to identify and address data quality errors as they arise.

Transform data

Send properly formatted event data to your destinations. Transform the data on-the-fly so you can work with your tools without a break.


Accelerate experimentation

Power all your use cases with location based targeting.

Connect to different analytics tools

Connect clean customer data to multiple A/B testing and analytics tools for experimentation throughout the product lifecycle

Collect customer engagement

Use the cross channel data to improve product and customer experiences.


Use cases

A truly unified customer experience requires integration across the entire technology stack - including eCommerce platforms, Ad networks, Messaging services, CRM and customer experience channels.

Explore how our vendor integrations can improve your workflow to acquire, convert and grow througout the customer journey.

Refine the selection by filtering the use cases by industry, role and connectors.

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