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Intempt for Engineering Teams

Data Pipelines for ETL

Intempt is the single platform to collect and manage your data


Extract, transform & load data

Build robust data pipelines that scale


Pull data across all your different data sources, data storages, and data types. Leverage a library of connectors, and APIs.


Design and perform transformation easily with different processors, including map, aggregate, sort, enrich, join, and many more.


Load transformed data into selected destinations. Implement full or incremental data load.


Augment your insights with added information like geolocation or user-defined fields as you stream data.


Cleanse the data stream and make sure all the data arrives uniform and ready to query in your data warehouse.


Gain insights and visibility by revising and updating your schemas on the fly.

Collect data from any device

Capture user events from any data input

Collect data across platforms

Receive data from any part of your product: mobile, web, or server.

Unlimited scalability

Collect billions events every month on our APIs.



Smoothly integrate your data to selected apps

Instant activation

Quick set up and no need to push code - integrate new tools in minutes.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Intempt makes integrating new tools effortless. No more costly integration processes that prevent you from using the best services.

OPTIMIZE performance

Simplify and secure your customer data infrastructure.

Help your apps run faster

Consolidate your SDK footprint and eliminate any third-party code decelerating your apps and negatively impacting user experience.

Aggregate user data

With minimal code, collect customer data such as clicks and page views from your web, mobile, server. For advanced use cases capture customer physical movement with Proximity beacons.


DELIVER your data anywhere

Automatically export your data to data warehouses

Detailed controls

Enforce granular controls over the exact data being sent to help curb warehousing costs and data privacy violations.

Speed and reliability

Optimize performance and cost through clean and customizable data out-of-the-box


Best tools and practises for engineers



Steamline your integration with comprehensive API documentation. Learn the best practises to collect, manage, and integrate your customer data with different tools.

Intempt on GitHub

Access developer SDKs and open-sourced repositories to kickoff your integration process and implement custom use cases and solutions.

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