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Close more deals using predictive lead scoring to automatically prioritize leads based on thousands of data points.

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Why you are still missing most PQLs
in your pipeline?

Relying on "old ways"leaves you behind in capturing the high converting leads in your pipeline

Identifying the wrong signals

Traditional lead scoring methodologies rely on interest from the prospect to determine a score, but the activity level of the lead does not necessarily provide an indication of their ability to purchase.

Using skewed criteria

Manual lead scoring is susceptible to human bias, which can impact the accuracy and fairness of the scoring process. Personal opinions, and preferences, may unconsciously influence the evaluation, leading to skewed results.

Using the same models over again

Manual scoring processes can be inflexible and struggle to adapt to evolving market dynamics or changes in the target audience.

Stop flying blind. Let your data drive

Our models instantly identify who Sales and Marketing should be focusing on by combining both product and firmographic data into one score. You no longer have to build brittle, manual scoring rules.

Ready out-of-the-box

Train AI models with no asks to engineering. Intempt gives you the control to build and deploy models with ease.

AI-powered accuracy

AI factors in thousands of signals to find your best future customers. Uncover accounts that you’d regularly miss.

Always learning

AI gets smarter over time. Our scoring continuously adapts to new data and trends as your product and business change.

Eliminate grunt work

Minimize errors from manual data entry and improve the accuracy of lead scoring and opportunity recognition.

Find top monetization,
expansion opportunities
and prevent churn

Our Predictive scoring algorithm analyzes all of your data and identifies
what signals result in achieving your goals

Build pipeline faster

Easily prioritize deals for reps and uncover new pipelines. AI automates hours of data analysis in an instant, so reps can focus all effort on their highest potential deals.

Leverage thousands of data points

Use data points from the entire customer journey - parse through thousands of data points to qualify leads.

Self-improving scoring

Surface deals with a self-optimizing lead-scoring system that improves over time. More data = more accurate scores.

Automate with confidence

Intempt’s AI powers every stage of the deal cycle through automation.

Automate lead sequencing

Get relevant alerts, instant CRM syncing, and automatic lead sequencing – while running playbooks to standardize best practices on your best accounts.

Automatic decision making

Avoid losing an audience member forever with irrelevant content by letting AI suppress recipients who are more likely to unsubscribe.

Predictive goal tracking

Use AI to analyze previous programs and predict whether you are going to hit your conversion goal

Track the likelihood of action

Segment your audience by highly likely, likely, and less likely to convert so you can communicate effectively to everyone.

Go deep into each user’s profile

See a breakdown of each user’s likelihood to take a defined action, such as subscribe or churn based on historical engagement and attribute data.

Recommender AI

Deliver highly personalized product recommendations at scale

Give customers more of what they love

Recommender AI delivers personalized recommendations that suit each customer’s tastes and preferences across all your touchpoints.

Maximize value of your data

Put all your data to work producing predictions by incorporating all metadata like product name, description, category, images, product longevity, and more.

Deliver at any touchpoint

Offer first-time users and loyal customers alike high-quality recommendations via web, mobile, email, and more, anywhere in their journey.

How it works






Deliver recomendations anywhere in the customer journey

Product catalog data

Customer data

Multiplate ways to integrate your data

Recommender Al

Upload your recommendation model

Prediction API

Show recommendations at customer touchpoints

Predict your growth

Maximize the impact of your GTM strategies with predictive scoring

ML algorithms

Utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to enable accurate predictions by analyzing historical data and identifying patterns and indicators of lead quality.

Data integration

Integrate with various data sources, such as Hubspot, your app and website data for comprehensive data availability for accurate scoring.

Customizable scoring models

Flexibly  customize and configure scoring models based on specific business needs, industry dynamics, and target audience characteristics.

Demographic and firmographic data

Incorporate relevant demographic and firmographic data, including industry, company size, job title, and geographic location to enhance lead scoring accuracy with contextual information.

Behavioral analysis

Capture and analyze lead behavior data, such as website interactions, email engagements, meetings, and content consumption,  for a more comprehensive understanding of lead intent and likelihood of conversion.

Real-Time Scoring

Dynamically score leads and retrain your models daily to ensures up-to-date lead prioritization and timely sales engagement.

Behavior anticipation

Predictive models use the power of machine learning to predict the likelihood of any behavior you’re tracking in Intempt Platform.

Predictive attributes

Generate attribute values for your customers based on the trained ML model. Use the attributes to create predictive segments to engage your customers.

Model ingestion

Ingest any ML model fully tailored to the specific audience and business use case.

Predictive reports

User predicitve data to get deeper insights into future ROI combining behavioral, transactional, and demographic data.

Recommender AI

Dynamically adapt to real-time customer behavior and changes in variables like assortment, pricing, and special offers.

Developer SDKs & APIs

Leverage predictive attributes and segments with well-documented REST APIs, server and client-side SDKs.

Pre-built templates for fast setup

Intempt has taken the guess work out of creating perfectly timed customer Journeys and data-rich Growth boards.

Visit our library to install one of our pre-built templates for sales & marketing inspiration.

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