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Loyalty program auto-enrollment

Create s loyalty program definition (e.g., based on purchase value, frequency) and segment your audience based on the defined metric. Once a user enters the segment, automatically trigger a destination to send an email and invite users to join a VIP club.

Step 1: Connect your data source

First, you will need to make sure that your customer interaction data is properly sent to Intempt Platform. Go to Sources -> Create a source and set up an Intempt JS tracker on your app.

Step 2: Create events

To create a proper onboarding flow, you will need to create specific activation events. In this case, you need to create a purchase (or conversion) event.

Step 3: Create a metric

Average buyer value = Revenue (sum of total purchase price)/ purchase event (count of)

Step 4: Compare segment against a metric

Analyze your active user segments against the average buyer value metric. Determine at which data point of the metric user activity is at least at 75% percentile. Note this value (required for the next step).

Step 5: Create a segment

Create a segment of high-converting users. Add the average buyer value metric to target the specific audience segment, enter the value from step 4 (greater than or equal to).

Step 6: Create a destination

Create a messaging destination that is activated once a customer enters the segment. Send an email inviting users to join your loyalty/reward program.

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