Data sub-processors

Here’s a list of 3rd party entities with whom we may share some of your details, as a Intempt customer:

  • Your Name
  • Email address
  • IP address and location
  • Billing details are given when subscribing to the paid service (postcode and billing address)
3rd Party Service Purpose Website Data Location
Drift Customer support and communication USA
Amazon Web Services File storage and cloud computing EU, USA
Google Productivity tools USA
Hubspot Customer support USA
Stripe Payment Processing USA
Datadog Log File Analysis USA
Heap Product Analytics USA
Microsoft Github Source Code Management USA
Google Analytics Product Analytics USA
Hotjar Surveys USA

Just to recap
We solved user personalization

We didn’t solve world peace

Acquire, Engage and Monetize Your User Base

  • Web Personalization for Consumer Services
  • Personalized Cross Selling for eCommerce
  • Personalized Retention for Travel & Hospitality