Attract the right customers by deploying first-time buyer experiences. First timers need to understand how your product provides value over the competition. Get them to spend more time with your product and explore its form and function deeply. Leverage their interactions with your brand.

Key goals
Trust the brand Understand value
Key characteristics
New prospect Needs convincing
Ways to acquire
Incentive Intelligence

Deliver micro segment targeted incentives based on the customer’s behavior and the likelihood to convert.

Personalized Cross & Upsell

Increase the average order value by sending segment-based bundling promotions.

Geo Retargeting

Deliver location-based personalized in-app offers to customers in-reach. Identify customers in-proximity of a competitor store and send them a win-back offer.

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"Customers with the best past experiences spend 140% more have a 74% chance of remaining a customer for at least another year. than those with the poorest past experiences.” — Harvard Business Review. Converters have purchased their first product and are curious about the other products and services you offer. Or more of the same. They have invested time, effort, and money into your brand, and they need to attach to your related products and services

Key goals
Adopt Accessorize
Key characteristics
Positive Still learning
Ways to convert
Product & Content Prioritization

Emphasize different product page areas, prioritize catalog and search result listing. Display curated web content adapted to user preferences.

Webrooming & Showrooming

Trigger product specialists to assist online customers who are visiting a physical store. Engage in-store customers to continue their shopping journey on the webfront.

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Champions are invested in your brand and care about your success. They have formed an emotional connection with your products and your brand and they will purchase from you over and over again. It’s important to invest in personalized experiences to maintain their loyalty. Average redemption rates for loyalty programs are at an all time low of 13.67%. At the same time, Personalization drives between 5 and 15 percent revenue growth for companies in the retail and travel sectors

Key goals
Purchase regularly Do not defect to a competitive loyalty program
Key characteristics
Loyal Extremely open to new products and services
Ways to grow
VIP Experiences

Make VIP customers feel special and approach them with personalized offers, gifts, or surprises. Be immediately notified when a VIP enters your premises.

Journey Based Engagement

Create customized journeys to reward customers with selected (tier based) promotions. Guide the user to complete required checklists.

Experiential Surprises

Delight customers to select personalized surprises from the eligible list. Use AI to filter surprises or delights based on the likelihood of use.

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ACQUIRE, CONVERT and GROW throughout the customer journey

Customer Data, Orchestration and Experiences Platform for fast-growing companies

  • Progressive profiling lowers Customer Acquisiton Cost
  • Behavioral journeys increase Cross/Upsell rates
  • Augmenting loyalty programs with personalized experiences increases Lifetime Value

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