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Complex customer journeys, simplified

Visually build and deliver omnichannel campaigns based on your users’ behavior, location, and lifecycle stage with our Journeys tool.

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Simplify the way cross-channel
customer journeys are created, measured and perfected

Many of today’s journey builders are over-engineered. We’ve re-built the experience from the ground up to make it simple to create, understand and perfect journeys

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Higher conversion rates in messaging strategies that use personalized content


Lift in conversion rates for messages triggered by user behavior instead of time-based delivery


Boost in engagement when executing a cross-channel strategy with Intempt

Automate engagement
across any channel

Deliver a seamless brand experience with messaging campaigns that connect across mobile, web, and the in-app experience.

Setup conditions and triggers

Deliver timely, personalized interactions based on customer behaviors with triggered workflows.

Build engagement flows

Build workflows that incorporate any channel, from email, SMS, customer support, ad targeting, and more.

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Leverage customer intelligence

Access unified customer data to orchestrate a consistent, personal experience with every person and every interaction.

Get complete user view

Ingest, aggregate and store third-party, individual-level data from multiple connector sources to get a complete view of the user.

Dynamic segmentation

Forget the static lists and batched messaging. Trigger entire multi-channel destinations based on users entering or leaving segments.

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Create flows with clicks

Many of today’s journey builders are over-engineered. We’ve re-built the experience from the ground up to make it simple to create, understand and perfect journeys

Intuitive UI

Adjust the creative, delivery times, and add new channels to a journey all from the same interface.

Easy for everyone, no matter the experience

Easily integrate your apps into the cloud platform and create journeys across your whole tech stack.

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Analyze users journeys,
not just behaviors

Explore your customers’ full experience - across all devices - to understand how each interaction is affecting the entire customer experience.

Get insights on your engagement channels

Find out how each engagement channel is working to optimize spends and maximize impact.

Reach your goals with flexible KPI selection

Select the right KPI for each Journey campaign to ensure you’re optimizing towards the right objectives.

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Build cross-channel customer journeys in minutes

Drive bottom-line results across the entire customer lifecycle

Multi-channel delivery

Integrate your whole marketing stack to engage customers across any channel: email, SMS, retargeting and more.

Visual UI

Intuitive point-and-click interface guides you through the journey creation process.

Real-time triggers

Capture every action and behavior of your user and use it to trigger journeys.

A/B testing

Without writing a single line of code, test variants against a control and determine the winning one.

Workflow control

Control the journey flow with customizable delay settings - send messages only during the peak moment.

Performance insights

Make informed decisions analyzing data across all engagement channels.


Use cases

A truly unified customer experience requires integration across the entire technology stack - including eCommerce platforms, Ad networks, Messaging services, CRM and customer experience channels.

Explore how our vendor integrations can improve your workflow to acquire, convert and grow througout the customer journey.

Refine the selection by filtering the use cases by industry, role and connectors.

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Customer Lifecycle