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Identify the KPIs for your mobile app

Determine the KPIs (key performance indicators) that marketers should understand and be able to track before launching campaigns.

1.Create a iOS SDK source

Install an Intempt iOS SDK tracker to get user behavior and interaction data from your app.

2. Calculate KPIs

Set a segment within Intempt - define events that are linked to specific audiences. Adjust segment definition to create segments pairs based on different attributes:

   -  Click-through rate (CTR). Formula = total clicks / total impressions

   -  Return on ad spend (ROAS). Formula = total revenue / total spend

   -  Lifetime value (LTV). Formula = total revenue

   -  Conversion rate. Total number of impressions/total number of installs

3. Set KPI goals

Use metric graphs to examine your KPI performance. A few factors to consider when setting these goals are:

   -  How important it is to achieve a certain level

   -  Where the KPI has been trending towards

   -  How many resources you have on hand to achieve this goal

   -  If there are any new strategies or tactics that can accelerate you towards the goal

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