The Intempt platform has real-time profiled over 2 million consumers in over 50 countries and personalized over half a million experiences.

Intempt combines a customer data platform, an advanced segmentation engine, and powerful analytics tools into one intelligent growth platform.

Customer Data Platform

Understand how customers interact with your brand across online, CRM and physical locations

Cross-Channel Identity

Get a deduplicated User Profile by merging user identify data from online and offline channels

Autotracked Web & Mobile SDK’s

Auto-track user activity into one master user profile across all web, mobile and tablet behavior without implementing custom tracking code

Proximity SDK Tracking Physical Movement

Proximity SDK uses a variety of methods to know when someone is present in a room to allow you to personalize in a physical space

Schemas for Custom Collections

Smoothly integrate all user data using flexible schemas. Build customized event, profile, and attribute collections via intuitive drag and drop editor

Sales, Marketing & Service Apps Integrations

Ingest, aggregate and store third-party, individual-level data from multiple sources in real-time at any scale. Sales, Commerce/CMS and Service Apps come pre-integrated

Recurring Data Imports

Manage user, attribute and event data through data file imports and recurring uploads. Automatically map every table column to the corresponding collection field

Event Capture - Autotracked, Retroactive & Visualized

Visually define customer behavior (without custom tracking) and the platform ensures it processes it on past activity

Event Backup & Restore

Re-send an archive of event data to any destination. Protect against data loss even if you only realize a specific user action is important months after installing

Warehouse Destinations

Load data into your warehouse of choice within minutes. Optimize performance and cost through clean and customizable data


Powerful micro-segmentation that segments users based on recency, frequency, monetary and engagement for precise targeting

User Behavior & Profile Segmentation

Segment based on past behavior and user properties, providing you an explicit view to a user’s interests, no inference necessary

Cross-Channel Segmentation

Reach a more precise level of segmentation by using cross channel source data in real time. Trigger entire multi-channel destinations based on users entering or leaving segments

Flexible Segmentation

Intuitive and highly customizable drop-down segment builder. Easily create precise segments with advanced filtering and grouping options

Apps Destinations

Transform and map segments collected by Intempt out to the APIs, tools and services that connect you to your customers

Advertising Destinations

Sync your audience with segment-based Google Ads, Facebook and Twitter retargeting. Auto-prioritize segments and show only those ads that keep customers engaged and incentivizes to convert

Messaging Destinations

Send and track delivery of highly targeted segment-based email, SMS, push notifications, Slack and Whatsapp messages to your users


Analyze user data, create custom metrics and drill into event and segment data to get a 360° view of your customers

Event & Segment Comparison Analytics

Compare two events or segments and understand the differences between cohorts when it comes to driving any business metric

User Metrics & Goals

Spot key user journey patterns by visualizing behavior across data silos. Make informed decisions filtering user data based on segments and events

Custom Metrics

Flex your analytical creativity and to look at the data through the lens you choose. Build, manage, and curate your own metrics, so you can dissect your data to shape a more informed customer experience

Privacy & Compliance

Apply the highest privacy standards to your websites & tools. Collect and process consents and data requests to respect user privacy

Legislation Zone Consents

Reach safety by being compliant to all legal requirements within different legislation zones. Display customized consent management forms based on the user’s geolocations

Attribute-Level Privacy

View integrations connected to your website and assign them to different consents. Lock user privacy at the attribute level

Customizable Consent Management Forms

Use Intempt JS API to create customized consent management forms. Adapt consent management preferences modifying consents, default permissions and legislation zones

Data & Governance

Get enterprise-grade security for enhanced privacy,
compliance and risk management

Accounts & Access

Keep your account secure and review the changes along the way. Use two-factor authentication to protect your account and organization data

Organizations, Teams and People

Collaborate securely with members of your organization based on your company or department structure

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