All the Tools Needed to Drive Long-Term Growth

Intempt combines a customer data platform, an advanced segmentation engine, and powerful campaign tools into one intelligent growth platform.


Customer Data Platform

Understand how customers interact with your brand across online, CRM and physical locations and build strategies that enrich the customer experience

Customer Data Platform
Web, Mobile, IoT SDK’s

Autotracked collection on Web, iOS and from Beacons without writing any custom code

Retroactive Event Capture

Use data from various sources user to drill into specific user behavior to isolate patterns

User Identity & Behavior Profiling

Get a deduplicated User Profile by merging user identify data from online and offline channels

User Explorer

Search for users with specific properties, view individual activity heatmaps and drill into their timelines

Custom Data Ingestion APIs

Bring your own user schemas and complex relationships and send it all to our servers for processing

Real Time Segmentation

Real Time Segmentation

In addition to powerful micro segmentation, our AI automatically segments users based on recency, frequency, monetary and engagement for enhanced effective tiering and targeting

Behavioral Segmentation

Identify untapped revenue in micro audience segments based on actions and inactions

User Property Segmentation

Segment based on User properties, providing you a explicit route to a customers’ interests, no inference necessary

Predictive Segmentation

Simply query whether a user will or will not perform an action and make decisions on the answer

Segment Grouping

Build flexible offer schemes by using exclusivity and prioritization rules within a set of segments



Anybody can get started using Predictor and see the value with machine learning. Machine learning is more than just making predictions. Intempt includes a layer of transparency in your pipelines that will help you understand the magic behind the scenes and to use your data discoveries for new strategies.

Model Directives

Build machine learning pipelines by describing goals in plain English

Feature Impact

Influencing your most important features can impact your overall goal.

Custom Features

Inject custom features directly into your pipelines to see the effect on performance

Explainable ML

Spot key customer journey patterns by visualizing segment level patterns without needing data scientists

Automated Segmentation

Campaign Optimization

Build and deliver effective campaigns based on users’ behavior, location, and lifecycle

Triggered Campaigns

Send time-sensitive campaigns activated by real-time customer activity or inactivity

Micro Targeting

Use machine learning triggers, intent-based segmentation and customer journeys and tiers as targeting techniques

Frequency Caps & Delivery Windows

Run campaigns based on when users are most likely to engage and understand when to back off

Custom Metrics

Define custom business metrics that model your business to optimize to a custom goal

Offer & Experience Authoring

Full blown drag and drop editor allows you to author offers and experiences without involving IT


Audience Analytics

Who are your users? What do they browse vs buy online and in-store? Tools like Calculated Metrics, Behavioral Analytics and User Explorer help you better understand customers

Audience Analytics
User Explorer

Spot key customer journey patterns by visualizing segment level patterns without needing data scientists

Audience Explorer

Understand why you're losing certain customers at top of funnel but not others and lower your customer acquisiton cost.

Customer Data Lifecycle Grids

Focus on increasing life-time value by turning newbies into loyalists in a time appropriate way

Custom Metrics

Standard metrics in basic analytics systems do not model your business; use custom metrics to pinpoint your specific KPI's


What isn't measured cannot be optimized. Specify your business specific goals and track conversion rate and lift against it

Data & Governance

Data & Governance

Get enterprise-grade security and a private cloud option for complete privacy, compliance, risk management and scalability

Private Cloud Deployment

Deploy within your own geographical boundaries for user data to ensure compliance with your data privacy and security regulations

Employee Licenses

Adding and removing employee access is fully in your control

GDPR Compliant DPA

We are GDPR ready to support your users’ data privacy needs

Role Based Permissions

Our authorization system is built to manage user access across teams of any size or hierarchy

Campaign Approval Workflow

Ensure a campaign approval workflow including a kill switch for complete control on campaigns

Two Factor Auth

Authenticate to our systems twice to ensure that your employees are compliant with your security protocols

ACQUIRE, CONVERT and GROW throughout the customer journey

Data, Analytics and Personalization Platform for growing companies

  • Progressive profiling lowers Customer Acquisiton Cost
  • Behavioral journeys increase Cross/Upsell rates
  • Augmenting loyalty programs with personalized experiences increases Lifetime Value

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