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About Britney & Sid

Britney is a Marketing Manager at Intempt and host of Faces of Growth, Intempt's podcast about growth marketing. In Faces of Growth, Britney will bring you behind the scenes, fly-on-the-wall conversations with some of today's top Marketers. Her conversations show what it's like to be a data driven marketer in the age of fake news and increased skepticism with the internet.

Sid is founder/CEO at Intempt and supports Britney in producing the show.

Episode Guide

Tom Henell
Former head of Lifestyle Marketing, Spartan Race
Adam Fox
Former Vice President of Marketing, Petco
Charlie Cole
Global Chief eCommerce Officer, Samsonite
Rafik Hanna
Director of Revenue Management, Highgate
Jeremiah Andrick
Executive Director Ecommerce Virtual Reality, HTC Vive
Geoff Mosher
Sr. Product Manager - Mobile & Internet Services, Verizon

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