Amazon Redshift

The Amazon Redshift destination allows you to export your data from the selected sources to the Redshift database without having to build and maintain your storage. Configure Redshift as a destination in Intempt and store all your data automatically in real-time.

Category Warehouses
Data type Destination
Customer Intelligence

Gather a unified view of your customers by combining data from all sources and sending it to Amazon Redshift.

Optimize Campaigns

Send relevant conversion event data to Amazon Redshift for attribution and analysis of cross-channel spend.

Instant delivery

Send data from mobile apps, web pages and more to Amazon Redshift without any custom development required.

Optimized integrations

Integrate new data sources within minutes, saving your valuable time.

Seamless querying

Perform seamless querying of your data at a scale.

Use analytics solutions

Store your results for later use with analytics solutions.