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Our Pledge

Intempt is a predictive platform. Our first product is predictive experiences.

If you’re in B2C marketing, you know these stats: 97% of online buyers bounce and 50% of those that begin checkout actually end checkout.

Streamlining workflows into mobile apps only makes it worse - 19% of your audience uses more than their fave 3 apps on the regular.

Millennials want choice and convenience, not one or the other.

Data science/AI is touted as the holy grail to create personalized experiences but the challenge facing you is that it is expensive to build right. At Intempt, we help marketers achieve outstanding improvements in their site/app conversion rates by personalizing their experience, while they're in-session.

Intempt gives marketers a point and click solution to produce a set of dynamic 1:1 personalizations to influence the site/app visitor on the conversion journey.

We do this by employing machine learning to chomp through large swaths of data, analyze your customer’s unique fingerprint, and build a profile that not only targets your consumer in real time, but predicts their future behavior.

Our clients enjoy a seamless integration into their existing marketing infrastructure. It’s time to work your in-sessions!

Correlation does not imply causation, but it does waggle its eyebrows suggestively and gesture furtively while mouthing 'look over there'.

Randall Munroe

We are here to build a deep technology company grounded in todays marketer

Work hard

Unicorn poop and easy buttons don't exist, so we work hard

Never stop learning

We approach customer conversations with humility and curiosity

Create remarkable utility

We always ship the moment we get feedback that it's better than what we have live, no exceptions

Help others

Help your coworker and your customer. This is our tribe.

Always stop to enjoy the moment

Love what you do and your life will feel well lived

It really is that simple

So we plan to keep it that way

One of the nerdiest,creative and detail oriented
group of folks you've ever had the
pleasure to work with!

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The way companies impose rules on employees isn't cool. So what are we doing about it?


50 years ago, companies needed their employees to be gathered under a single roof to enable industrial production at scale. But today, they’ve begun to understand that as long as employees deliver results, their physical location and work hours don’t matter. We know there's great talent all over the place and we are a globally distributed company with employees in Berlin, Minsk, Moscow, Oakland, Pleasanton and San Francisco.

Health & Wellness

We provide comprehensive health benefits and gym coverage. Your health is more important than your work.

Salary & Flexibility

It’s become increasingly clear that time spent in the office and productivity aren’t necessarily related. What one employee can achieve in four hours may take another one eight. Some are more efficient in the morning, and others work better in the evening; some like working in an office, while others don’t. Some need a month off and others need a week. People are different and we work with them individually.

Learn & Grow

Learning is a lifestyle. We want you to have every opportunity to stay fresh and up to date on the trends and technologies in our industry. We encourage you to come up with a learning plan and we'll fund it!


We build our core data processing and machine learning on Kafka, Spark, ElasticSearch and Cassandra.


Design pervades every team, regardless of whether you'll ever see their work visually. You'll feel it constantly as you use our software.

Customer Success

We are a predictive modeling company using applied data science techniques to make machine learning work in real world situations


We are passionate about spreading the mission of Intempt personalization to the world


We come up with effective personalization ideas and bring our mission to life within the marketplace


Software Engineer - Scala

Location : AnywhereJob Type : Full Time

As a software engineer in the advanced analytics team, you will implement machine learning algorithms in Spark that scale to massive datasets and build tools that help users apply machine learning in practice. You will also work in distributed systems and integrate machine learning solutions into Intempt.

In your work, you will need to have a high-level view of machine learning to help guide major decisions and a strong engineering skills to make deliverables in Spark and Intempt.


  • Strong desire to work at a rapidly growing startup and make it a success
  • Advanced degree in computer science, statistics, math, or similar fields
  • Thorough knowledge of Scala
  • Thorough knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and OOD/OOP principles
  • Experience with distributed systems such as Spark, Cassandra and ElasticSearch
  • Experience with building end-to-end analytics, content delivery and machine learning products highly desired
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Data Scientist

Location : San FranciscoJob Type : Full Time

You enjoy transforming rough insights and basic hypotheses to concrete reality. You work from the raw data all the way to the presentation of results. You will build scalable machine learning campaigns to solve various real world retail industry problems mixing signals from product data, location data, click stream and transaction data. The use cases we try to solve are million dollar retail industry problems. The use cases are already identified, and your job is to come and solve those use cases, crunching data from very large data sets and building scalable ml campaigns. This is a firsthand opportunity for you to solve those problems and make an immediate impact.

We are looking for an algorithm-oriented engineer/data scientist well versed in machine learning and statistics to join our team.


  • Solve machine learning problems over very large data sets
  • Develop scalable machine learning campaigns and deploy that into production
  • Conduct exploratory data analysis using statistical packages such as PySpark
  • Design and create internal web service APIs to access the model
  • Classify and categorize behaviors based on mobile, web, and other signals


  • 3+ years experience in developing scalable marketing campaigns using data
  • Solid understanding of statistics and machine learning
  • Experience presenting analytics in quantitative and visual formats
  • Previous data driven marketing wins to achieve hard ROI goals strongly preferred
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Software Engineer - Javascript

Location : AnywhereJob Type : Full Time

The state-of-the-art in Big Data is "simple things complex, complex things impossible." We think the future should be "simple things easy, and complex things possible." We are looking for a pure Javascript developer versed in HTML, CSS, and JQuery, DOM manipulatation. You will collaborate with fellow engineers, UX, visual designer(s) to design tools for data collection, visualization and web content delivery. You should feel comfortable working autonomously as well as with collaborating with fellow engineers and designers.


  • Create engaging, easy-to-use, and visually delightful Javascript solutions that address complex user needs
  • Develop in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (both in its raw form and with common libraries)
  • Experience with modern browser technologies, including WebSockets, Local Storage, Worker Threads, etc
  • Create highly complicated single page web apps
  • Work closely with various teams through development and implementation cycles
  • Experience with data visualization a bonus
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Software Engineer - Test

Location : AnywhereJob Type : Full Time

The team behind Intempt is looking for Software Engineers in Test to join the Quality Engineering team. As a member of the team, you will develop frameworks, tools, and tests to cover the full depth and breadth of Intempt's client and server-side functionality. This includes our desktop and web client, our iOS and Android clients, our external service integrations, the Intempt platform API, and our supporting server infrastructure. Our product development team iterates rapidly and deploys new code several times each day; our automated test suites must be fast, reliable, maintainable, and thorough. The Quality Engineering team has two goals: effective automated testing of the portions of Intempt that already exist, and proactive testing of features and functionality in progress.


  • Define test strategy, create test plans, test cases, and automation for new web & mobile features, and enhancements to existing features
  • Partner with the engineering team to integrate test suites into the continuous integration system
  • Collaborate with the Customer Success team to understand common issues and incorporate them into new test scenarios
  • Work with the Operations team to investigate production issues and perform root cause analysis
  • Communicate the quality of the product through metrics
  • Support other types of quality targets such as performance, load and stress testing


  • 3+ years of experience creating automated test frameworks for web applications or other software
  • Experience with continuous integration environments, writing testable software, and test driven development
  • Experience with issue management and customer ticketing systems
  • Strong experience with bug tracking tools and best practices around logging and tracking bugs
  • A solid understanding of how browser-specific internet traffic works in modern web applications, including HTTP, SSL, and JSON
  • Ability to write tests in JavaScript
  • BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Knowledge of any of these frameworks would be good, but not necessary: Selenium, Watir, Sahi, Cucumber, and Phantomjs
  • Development and/or testing experience on iOS or Android would be good, but not necessary
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Visual Designer

Location : Anywhere Job Type : Part Time

Intempt is looking for a midweight visual designer with a background in design both on the graphic and digital side to join a bustling, vibrant team. You will be creating illustrations for animation and infographics. The main component of this role is illustration so first and foremost this is your passion, you'll literally be getting your hands dirty in ink with hand drawn sketches and on the Adobe CS6 packages as well, predominantly Illustrator (no surprise!). The secondary part of this role is designing, so having junior-midweight capabilities in design is also a must. Animation skills would also be a great plus!


  • Enhancing our brand image using color, typography and illustration.
  • Working on our logo and our mascot to enhance our brand appeal
  • Working on technical illustrations to make complex concepts simple to understand
  • Working on extending our icon library to encapsulate complex concepts in a tiny icon


  • 3-4 years agency experience preferably in a brand orientated agency
  • A portfolio of predominantly illustration work with a selection of design work to a junior/mid level
  • A range of illustration styles from corporate to very out there - dependent on the client
  • A degree in graphic design or a similar discipline
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Interaction Designer

Location : Anywhere Job Type : Part Time

The Intempt Design team is looking for an outstanding human interface designer for our web apps. The designer will be responsible for researching, designing, and prototyping new user experiences based on product requirements. Deliverables include design mockups, prototyping, production of visual assets, and documentation required for proper implementation. The candidate must flourish in a fast paced, ever-changing, and deadline driven environment. The designer needs to be a natural diplomat who can thrive in a cross-functional team environment. The designer will work with the key stakeholders in a given project to make sure that it meets the business and marketing requirements as well as Apple standards in quality and customer experience. The projects will range from very focused and requirements driven to experimental prototypes and proof of concepts. A candidate must be a natural collaborator and a great communicator, able to develop and present design ideas in a small team environment. Prior experience working within a technical environment is a key requirement. Candidates should possess exceptional visual and user interface design skills, as well as user-centered design principles. The applicant must have an affinity for consistency, color use, typography, and a keen eye for subtle details. While exercising a good eye for aesthetics, candidates must be able to grasp and distill highly complex issues and translate them into clean, focused, understandable solutions. Strong communication skills and ability to stay highly organized are critical. Interest in emerging technologies in web, mobile, and other devices is required. A candidate should be a self-starter, self-motivated, able to work independently, and perform multiple tasks under minimal supervision.


  • An excellent online portfolio showcasing user experience and visual design work for web applications.
  • Ability to communicate design concept ideas through sketches and wireframes.
  • Highly skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator and other design tools.
  • Ability to prototype in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, AfterEffects, or other tools is a plus.
  • Icon design and 3D experience is a plus.
  • Able to function independently and in a team environment. Excellent collaboration skills.
  • Enthusiasm for an iterative design process, driven by group critique.
  • 3+ years work experience creating world-class user interface design in web, mobile-web, and iOS app experiences.
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Professional Services Consultant

Personalization Consultant

Location : AnywhereJob Type : Full Time

Intempt is looking for a B2C Personalization specialist with a data driven B2C/eCommerce marketing background to be able to join our team and implement our personalization technology for consumer facing companies.

You will serve as a trusted advisor throughout the Intempt sales process, with an emphasis on tying business objectives to technology solutions. Helping marketers and C-level executives all understand how Intempt can help deliver personalized consumer experiences.


  • Collaborate with the Account Executive to identify and uncover customer business goals, needs, and pains-- and how Intempt will solve those.
  • Lead the technical implementation and day-to-day management of Intempt POCs, integrated into our customer’s technology stack - ensuring early customer success. Prove the technical feasibility of the Intempt platform to technical marketer audiences.
  • Own responsibilities for designing, building and maintaining Intempt demo systems, strategies, and resources. Enabling our AE team to deliver targeted, persona-based, business-value driven presentations.
  • Collaborate closely with Product and Engineering teams to help influence product roadmap based on market/customer requirements.


  • You have world class presentation skills. You feel comfortable leading presentations and demos of our platform to large groups, both technical and non-technical. In-person and virtually.
  • You can tie business problems to technical solutions and understand technology value propositions.
  • You have excellent communication skills. You can easily relate complicated concepts to non-technical people, while maintaining the ability to speak to highly technical people.
  • You have a demonstrated and proven capacity to quickly absorb new concepts and technologies.
  • You thrive under uncertain, high pressure, and high impact conditions.
  • You have documented experience doing lightweight coding in web and server technologies.
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Account Executive

Location : SF Bay Area Job Type : Full Time

Intempt's Sales Team seeks to enable a wide variety of digital marketers to turn data into action. Focused on our customers' long term goals, we become a true partner through deep empathy in order to grow our economic relationship over the customer lifecycle. We challenge, we teach and we learn in order to provide expertise that pushes companies towards their goals. It is our job to acquire and cultivate relationships with customers that range from midsize to Fortune 5000 organizations through proactive targeted efforts by effectively aligning our resources to their needs. Our typical customer spends anywhere from 5 to 25 million in digital marketing and is actively growing their marketing technology stack.


  • Responsible for New Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Works with medium-sized or fast-growing businesses
  • Works with high velocity of deals and new logos
  • Manages territory pipeline and forecasts accurately
  • Hunter mentality - builds their own pipeline/dealflow
  • Effectively manages the buy/sell process
  • Qualifies deals and gets to decisions quickly
  • Builds relationships with senior Executives and line-of-business in accounts
  • Educates customers on the changing digital marketing landscape
  • Understands the business direction and goals of the accounts as a whole
  • Helps customers understand the competitive landscape to best assess their needs


  • Minimum of 2-3 years of successful account development and closing experience, ideally with SaaS technology
  • Experience managing complex sales and evaluation cycles
  • Experience negotiating business terms with line-of-business, procurement and contract teams, senior management and/or C-level Executives
  • Hunter mentality - generate and nurture opportunities through your network
  • Experience independently running a great executive meeting
  • You are coachable and willing to learn new skills
  • You are self-motivated, hardworking and proactive
  • Experience selling or buying personalization technology a huge plus
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B2B SAAS Growth Marketing Specialist

Location : AnywhereJob Type : Full Time

Intempt is looking for an B2B SAAS Growth Marketing Specialist to head up their Marketing Automation campaigns for the mid market. We do not sell to SMB. The HubSpot Marketing Specialist will serve as the company's residential lead nurturing expert using blog, SEO, email and social media campaign tactics. You must have the passion and will to learn the best ways to use marketing automation to launch the Intempt brand into the public eye.

It's time to learn, do, and become more than you ever thought possible. Be a #rainmaker. In exchange you will receive a very healthy salary and a share of revenue with absolutely no cap.


  • Work closely with our Account Executives & SDR's to develop a territory
  • Bring the world's most promisng predictive marketing product to life within businesses using an educational mindset
  • Become a SaaS lead nurturing expert for both Account Based Marketing - both Inbound & Outbound


  • At least 3 years of Marketing Automation Experience
  • Must have deep experience with HubSpot and it's multi channel approach
  • HubSpot Inbound and Partner Certifications strongly preferred
  • Outbound email Marketing experience, especially building and nurturing a targeted list
  • SEO, Blog & Social Marketing experience using fewer, thoughtful/impact pieces of content, as opposed to a landfill approach
  • Agency/Consulting experience
  • Avid learner, researcher, data enthusiast
  • You take ownership of everything you do
  • You love to win and have a deep competitive spirit
  • You are a keen influencer and educator
  • You speak English fluently and have experience marketing in the B2B SAAS market
  • Enjoy ROWE (Results Only Work Environment)
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