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Build and automate a referral program

Identify your highest value users and then automate referrals for your business.

1. Set up Intempt Web Tracker

Install a web tracker on your website to start capturing visitor interactions.

2. Create events

Set custom events to track user transactions. You can also use our integrations (e.g. Shopify) to automatically receive transactional event data. Event examples:

•  Purchased an item

•  Booked a room

•  Subscribed to a service

3. Create a segment

Create a custom audience by defining your segment with particular conditions. For example, segment “Big spender”:

•  Customers who completed an order

•  Time frame: in the past 90 days

•  Total transaction value: greater than $500

4.Create a destination

Add a messaging destination to automatically send referral emails to those users who have entered the specified referral segment (in our example “Big Spender”).

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