Sid Chaudhary & Fabian Μay

Webinar: How to manage the Visitor Lifecycle and master the Visitor Experience

Deliver Personalized Web Experiences To Your Visitors In Real Time

What you’ll learn during this free 45-minute session:

  • How do I drive conversions via big data personalization? Many online businesses need to optimize complex funnels and in most cases this means a one size fits all approach: The best performing design, segment or copy takes it all. Instead imagine if you personally could guide your visitors like shop owners do when you’re in a physical store. This is what big data personalization is about. First we discuss goals you would like to achieve on your website.
  • How does behavioral tracking help me understand my visitors? Next, let us introduce behavioral tracking. Unlike website analytics, it is visitor oriented: Besides pageviews it also tracks all other visitor actions such as clicks, form submits and cart values. We’ll show you how to gain better insights into your visitor’s behaviour or even predict your future visitor actions.
  • How do I address visitors who don’t convert without ruining the experience for others? After you have identified weaknesses in your funnel, it is time to specifically and only address visitors who don’t convert via behavioral messaging. And it’s easy: By the time the webinar is done you’ll know how to set up campaigns delivering personalized web pages and messages in real time.

Meet the Presenters

Sid Chaudhary
CEO & Founder
Hey, I’m Sid. I work on the product team at Intempt, and I’m going behind the scenes to show you how to take your existing visitors, engage them with your products and services and and buy from you, all in the same visitor session. Oh, and the best part: you can set all this up once and it’ll run on it’s own.
Fabian Μay
Customer Success Manager
Hey, I’m Fabian. I work on the Customer Success team at Intempt, and I helped make customers successful with key conversion tactics like Behavorial Messaging and Behavorial Merchandising. I’m excited to help you drive more visitors into buyers using our personalization technology. Between Sid and my blueprint and the power of personalization, you’ll be able to convert visitors to buyers in an automated fashion. Don’t miss this webinar!