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Quarterly Performance Bonus

We’re not a fan of policies. That said, some policies are obviously needed, it's how societies and companies are able to function and not self-destruct too quickly. They help define what we consider fair as a company.

We have created some policies and processes here at Intempt over the last 3 years.

We were hesitant about sharing these because they are, and they should be, forever in evolution. That said, we should share both to inspire and to get your ideas on what we could do better, so here we go.

We've spent some time thinking about who consistently gets performance bonuses and why. We firmly believe it's the folks that have a growth mindset and are continuously learning.

Growth -> Performance -> Bonus

Every quarter we do a spot performance bonus if you have gone above and beyond to deliver great software or customer experience.

Over time, we have found that folks that embrace a growth mentality are the ones that do well to earn bonus awards.

Intempt is a Learning Organization

The problem is that "being good" is not good enough. Each of us has a yearning to keep learning new things all the time, to get better. We're all passionate about it, but we realized that with the day-to-day routine, we rarely had time to dedicate to learning new things.

The first thing we decided was that we should encourage everyone to set some time aside each week for learning (roughly 3-5 hours a week).

You don't have to do it each week, you can manage it whichever way you'd like. Each person can choose to pick work-related topics. Expenses for learning topics related to a person's job can be reimbursed as a shared responsibility.

These expenses can be books, classes or talks or online learning groups - the opportunities are endless!

To make sure we take this seriously, we also added these questions to the ones we always go through in our 1-1 meetings:

  • Are you on track with your professional development?
  • Are you learning enough (on the job or in PD time)?
  • Think long term: are you working on what you want to get better at, or should we change something?