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Master Every Visitor Experience - Intempt Manifesto

Marketers today have been taught to do a ton of Creative/Offer Optimization. As a result, experimentation calendars are choc-a-bloc full of:

  • A/B testing plans, every layout, every element on a page, tested / targeted against traffic sources, often ad-hoc

  • Multivariate / full factorial tests to have mutiple page elements swapping in real time against various segments ==> segments containign traffic sources, geo, device, demographics to find the optimized creative against each segment

  • You'd either manually promote "winning" creative against each segment that is currently showing lift or you'd have the AB/multivariate system auto-allocate these

MOVE from Creative Optimization and split testing to finding valuable Audiences?

Marketing is shifting from taking their Pages and Offers first to finding valuable Audiences first (folks that exhibit high value purchase behavior, their whales). Once these Audiences are found/understood, it is far less time consuming to match them to specific messages. These messages can be split tested, but it's an optional tactic and not the central point.

  • Find valuable Audiences first
  • Messages should be relevant (encouraging, helpful, etc) to engage these Audiences
  • Your designers will thank you since they don't have to create n variations of the website to simply have no definitive answer from their experimentation systems.

In this post I would like to share our initial pitch deck that shifts thinking from Creative first to Audience first

HOW to go from Creative Optimization to Audience Targeting?

We can contexualize to your business in a 1:1 convo; here's an overview so you can get a sense on what we'd talk about in a brainstorming meeting

  • Consumer Buying Behavior Shift (Funnel to Flywheel)
  • Visitor Data & Modeling
  • Personalization Process & Types
  • Case Study
  • Technology
  • Services

Looking to increase your conversion rates by delivering personalized experiences?