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Increase Engagement & Revenue With Behavioral Merchandising (Tutorial)

You are responsible for sales in your company? Your CEO is asking you why all the money being spent on marketing doesn’t reflect in a proper ROI? Well, this tutorial is for you! :)

What is Behavioral Merchandising?

Behavorial Merchandising helps you to boost your Shopify sales. Learn how to create unique experiences for every single visitor. It is easier to set up than you might think it is.

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One in a Million: How to Convert Your Visitors?

If your product range is huge, your visitors can get lost or even confused while browsing your Shopify shop. They lose focus, get distracted and then leave the page without buying.

There are some great Shopify tools such as recommendation widgets to overcome these hurdles, but these are just like nets you hope the right visitors will get trapped in.

You have almost no control over these nets. It is like trawling the sea while hoping for the best.

Use Proven Techniques to Get Your Visitors Back on Track

Instead of doing cosmetic changes to your Shopify store, wouldn’t it be more efficient to target people based on their behaviour and create individual experiences?

In this tutorial, I am going to introduce and share techniques I am using to bring value to our clients here at Intempt:

  • Target specific visitors who browse two products with the same tag in a row
  • Manipulate product category pages for these visitors, so items with this tag are automatically displayed at the top

This way you may boost conversions with ease and also increase compliance, because visitors don’t recognize the site structure has been manipulated for them.

Ready to Boost Your Shopify Sales via Behavioral Merchandising?