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Increase Engagement & Revenue via Behavioral Messaging (Tutorial)

You are responsible for sales in your company? Your CEO is asking you why all the money being spent on marketing doesn’t reflect in a proper ROI? Well, this tutorial is for you! :)

What is Behavioral Messaging?

Behavioral messaging helps you to drive conversions and revenue. This personalization method is especially helpful if you aim at converting visitors into users or buyers for the first time.

Learn how to create unique experiences for every single visitor. It is easier to set up than you might think it is.

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How to Approach to the Right Visitors - at the Right Time?

Your visitors have their own mind and each visitor’s behavior is unique. How do you personalize for visitor segments that are promising enough to convert (e.g. by showing interest in your conversion goal via a predefined behavior pattern)?

Your grandma vs your niece use different ways of navigating a website - how does a marketeer account for these different segments and pick the right ones?

Use Proven Techniques to Successfully Convert Your Visitors

In this tutorial, I am going to introduce and share techniques I am using to bring value to our clients here at Intempt:

  • Use Google Analytics funnels to see how your visitors browse your website
  • Confirm your findings in Intempt using visitor based segments to see how your visitors behave on your website
  • Take action by targeting the right visitor segment with a behavioral messaging campaign

Ready to Boost Your Sales via Behavioral Messaging?